100219 Mission Debriefing

Due to ill health amongst the ranks, be advised that there will be

Pencil in for Friday 12/2 – if we get more than two volunteers, mission is likely to proceed.

Perhaps your curious as to what happened last mission, or perhaps not, in which case you can stop reading now.
Raw and Woodie joined Tone for an "interesting" evening of Empire Earth. One game took up the entire night and kept us busy till 1.00am.
Raw and Tone formed an unofficial alliance against Woodie, and it was that long ago now, I think Tone won! Or maybe not.


7 responses to “100219 Mission Debriefing

  1. Been waiting for this update all week lol, I think the time has hazed ur memory slightly ;). Ok, run down time.Officially neither tone or myself attack woodie first.I believe it was woodie that attacked both of us initially.So we didn’t join forces as such but instead dealt with the immediate threat at hand, being woodie.So we can proudly say that we didn’t make a pre game plan to join up and destroy so to speak, but instead took on the enemy as it presented itself ;).Anyways, while tone kept himself busy building wall after wall of fortresses any medieval civilization would be proud of I was slowly building up economy, and fortresses of heavy duty machinery stored away in peace time awaiting the command to unleash the wrath of zues’s thunderbolt of pain.Woodie and myself took turns in light sparring while tone built walls of fortresses any medi errm well u know the rest ;).Fortune favors the brave, and while I displayed none of this trait while I built my shiny tanks and kept to minimal attacking, I was able to build and build and build while Tone and woodie kept each other semi busy with woodie’s incursions onto Tones base.(this did undo some of those wonderfully crafted walls of fortresses I spoke about earlier).Thus it was time, as the night grew late.All or nothing.To cut a long story short, I whooped arse lol.Is that too much a one sided story? :).Look forward to the next one where I will no doubt pay for my gloating :).


  2. Thanks for the round-up Raw, seems like a more accurate portrayal of events than my modest (as is short, not modest 😉 ) blog post. Other participants view of the evening are always welcome, especially when I may have bent the truth just a tad, much like a good politician.I’ve been having some network instability lately. My Linksys WRT54G V1.0 wireless router has FAILED a week or so ago now, with a red diag. light remaining unchanged after many attempted resets, so no wireless available. The network is now plugged in directly to the ASDL modem, but the LAN keeps falling over daily. Not sure if it’s a problem with the modem or the new build of Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) on my main Rig, (which has replaced the Release Candidate I had been testing with no problems), but my XP PC’s are getting kicked off too. Annoying to say the least, turning everything off for two minutes seems to fix the problem … most-times.Have to say, Windows 7 is the easiest OS I’ve ever installed. Not a single driver required, even setting up my first RAID 0 (striped) array was painless … though I can’t say I’ve noticed an improvement in speed. If anything, boot-up takes marginally longer because there’s an extra screen to wait for now in the BIOS boot while it confirms the drives. I was originally planning to purchase an SSD drive for the Win7 install, but after some research, decided the technology is still a little green and expensive for the benefit. Then I pondered purchasing an SAS or a Raptor drive, but settled for 2x Seagate 320g 7500 drives in RAID 0, as I already had them, and FREE is the best purchase price. I’ll likely test this set-up for a while until SSD drives become more accommodating to my frugal budget.A neighbour reports his 3.5yo HP Laser Printer is currently redundant as he can’t acquire Win7 drivers for it, so atm, using some legacy hardware may be a problem with the new OS. As I’m using an X58 board, i7-920 CPU, Nvidia 260 and only have Logitec G15 Kbd, MX Revolution mouse, G25 wheel and X3D stick and X540 speakers attached, no problems were encountered.


  3. I shall await for further communique from intending participant agents before finalising a decision and subsequently posting here with.


  4. OK, looks like it’s GO then!Windows 7 networking issue sorted. Win 7 has 2 TCPI stacks, V4 and V6. Turning off the newer Version 6 stack has resulted in a stable network … finally. This wasn’t an issue in the release candidate for me, only the final version.


  5. i got a feeling woodie is going to target me lol, so spend that time wisely tone and build,build,build.Lots of shit that costs the least seems to work well.


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