100326 Upcomming …

Good for Go this Friday (26/3) – numbers permitting, so let us know if you’re in!
Parts won’t be, he’s in the motherland, but we MAY have recruited a new player who likes shoot’ems and has an i7 PC Tongue out

We all know gaming can sometimes result in a little agro when things don’t go your way, but that all got way out of control recently in China, when this dude was caught cheating. Lucky for him, he managed to cheat death!

Full story: http://au.gamespy.com/articles/107/1079091p1.html

Lesson: Don’t cheat, and don’t get agro!

100219 Mission Debriefing

Due to ill health amongst the ranks, be advised that there will be

Pencil in for Friday 12/2 – if we get more than two volunteers, mission is likely to proceed.

Perhaps your curious as to what happened last mission, or perhaps not, in which case you can stop reading now.
Raw and Woodie joined Tone for an "interesting" evening of Empire Earth. One game took up the entire night and kept us busy till 1.00am.
Raw and Tone formed an unofficial alliance against Woodie, and it was that long ago now, I think Tone won! Or maybe not.