100108 Debriefing

Raw & Tone strategised in C&C Red Alert 3. After a slow and clumbsy start with limited guidance from Raw, Tone managed to amas generous resources and expand his territory with an impressive array of ground and air forces. Making a few small scale skirmishes behind enemy lines and taking out a couple of buildings, then having his own super weapon decomissioned, Tone was caught off guard when Raw launched a surprise attack from two fronts providing a spectacular, yet inevitable defeat.
What better way to round off an evening than with a shoot’em, staged in the classic SOF2 Gold, rooftop map.
Thanks Raw – End 12ish.

Next gaming sheduled 22/01, long weekend, camping, not on 😦
Next likely mission: 29/01. Pencil it in 🙂


3 responses to “100108 Debriefing

  1. Yes it was a good game.Tone once again proved that he has quite abit of talent when it comes to strategy games, considering he had no training in the game and no practice time 🙂


  2. I dont think I will make gaming this fri, not 100% sure but mark me as a no go.That’s if it is on still of course 🙂


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