100129 Debriefing

Parts came up to keep Tone company, we played Grid for a while, with some ‘friendly’ nudging and waiting providing some spectacularly intimate fun. We found an event racing Spa backwards! After we were lapped out, we looked at SOF3, which proved to be as buggy in multiplayer as it is in single player, unseccessful in even starting a round. So we loaded up Crysis for some suited up mayhem to round of an interesting evening, finishing up around 1am.
NEXT MISSION: Due to an underwhelming lack of participation recently, next mission well be based on Agent Request. Suggest a date, if we get at least 2 participants (+ Tone), the mission will proceed.

100108 Debriefing

Raw & Tone strategised in C&C Red Alert 3. After a slow and clumbsy start with limited guidance from Raw, Tone managed to amas generous resources and expand his territory with an impressive array of ground and air forces. Making a few small scale skirmishes behind enemy lines and taking out a couple of buildings, then having his own super weapon decomissioned, Tone was caught off guard when Raw launched a surprise attack from two fronts providing a spectacular, yet inevitable defeat.
What better way to round off an evening than with a shoot’em, staged in the classic SOF2 Gold, rooftop map.
Thanks Raw – End 12ish.

Next gaming sheduled 22/01, long weekend, camping, not on 😦
Next likely mission: 29/01. Pencil it in 🙂