091218 Mission Debriefing …

With Raw, Parts, Nadz and Tone kicking of unusually early for a change, 3 volunteer borgs from neighbouring tribes joined us, boosting numbers for an early skirmish in SOF2 Gold. The youngsters did well, holding their own against the more seasoned and perhaps slower reflexed veterans. The main map played was Hong Kong Hotel deathmatch with weapons pickup. Around 10pm, we sent them home and launched into the RTS AOE3. After spending an our or so gathering resources and building up an army, Raw made short work of destroying our efforts to build various civilisations around the forested map.

Biggest con of the year?HARVEY NORMAN … spruiking PC games in TV ads "up to 75% off! – 24 hrs only" On investigating this anticipated sale of the year at the Hobart store, I could only find one old Harry Potter game for 75% off, and one or two other game on sale at around 25% off. All the rest, including the entire top 10 line-up were still at full price, generally to be had cheaper elsewhere. HN used to have a great PC games section. Now it’s just a JOKE. You’ll have to do better than that to get my hard earned Gerry.

Today I also discovered Logitech’s G27 wheel, the replacement for the G25, launched back in August – yeah, I’m a bit slow. Pretty much the same, but 6 buttons on the wheel instead of just 2, and some pretty bling LED’s that tie into the software rev counter to visually aid gear changes when playing manual. Oh, and it costs a bit more too … expect around $600.

Have a good Christmas & New years gamers. Next mission would be January 1st … if I weren’t going camping … so it will likely be January 8, 2010 … thats ‘twenty-ten’ winners. Pencil it in & keep safe.


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