091009 Mission Debriefing

PRESENT: RawT, NadZ, TooN.
PLAYED:  For a change, we loaded Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 and eventually locked into a head to head mission. We spent about an hour building up our units with the odd skirmish between Raw and Tone to keep things interesting. Tone sent some nanobots into Nadz camp to stir things up, but before long, Nadz was defeated much to Tone’s surprise. He was surprised again within minutes, when Raw unleashed his pent up fury onto camp Toon, making short work of his well organised barracks, swiftly beating him into submission.

Next, it was again Raw’s turn to demonstrate his superiority in weapons handling through the virtual window of COD2. We had one or two rounds amongst the beautiful little village of Carentan, where Nadz and Tone kindly offered themselves up as targets, jumping in front of Raw’s deadly lead shot. Tone was even kind enough to jump in front of Nadz bullets once or twice too 🙂

Pencil in Friday 23/10, or there abouts. Best come back and check closer to the date Open-mouthed


091002 Debrief

Fred came up for a few races – collision on, mostly good clean fun.

That’s right, grab your favourite weapon, we’re having a shoot out 🙂
Hopefully COD2 … PLEASE? .. and maybe some BF2 to finish off?

If we all have joysticks … a dogfight or three would be good.