I’m finished … in fact, I’m spent!
Let down at least in part by most everyone we had to rely on, I’m now in recovery mode .. almost. One more drama to solve with the oven which was supposed to be in perfect working order and we find out from Council Friday morning whether we’ve got it right. I was planning on a freedom finally function on Friday – all the clutter downstairs is now gone 🙂 Well, all the misus’ clutter anyway 😉   But I NEED some sleep Sleepy

So, get set for NEXT WEEK – gaming resumes Nov 2.


8 responses to “Fragged.

  1. that’s a long week!!!!!! ? happy birthday anyway got a pressy for u when i see u will be going on th slip 19 oct for 5 daysthen fishing from around 2nd Nov till whenever .greetings 2 all th other disapointed gamers!!! chers FRED.


  2. It has been a L O N G month! Seems like it should be November to me ;)Still recovering, but should be up for it … unless the following week suits players better? I know it suits Parts better as he’s busy this week. I imagine Woodie’s still having a break … anyone?


  3. Next week also suits Nadz better .. that would be October 9.Fred had indicated he’s good for this week.That’s 1 for this week, 2 for next week and Tone for shoot’ems … anyone else?


  4. Happy Birthday Raw!! .. Fred’s comming up for a race, but I think it’s only him and me, so likely lots of gaming, little chatting, and an early night! Your more than welcome to join us .. we’ll have a big one NEXT week anyway.


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