090820 Mission Debriefing

Present: FRED!!! Raw, Darklord, Woodie, Parts, Kieren, Tone.

V8SC3 – V8’s – collision on.
Barbagallo – F 41.85 R T W D K P
Eastern Creek – F D fastest R java binary crashed system .. stragglers
Hidden Valley – F 50.94 T slacker D R K W pushed off P banter about being tapped.
Oran Park – F 49.88 T D W R P K
Sandown International – W P D T F 55.94 R K
Bathurst – F 43.05 T 43.10 D R P W K

Donnington? – F 1:12.05 P R T W D retired.
Hockenhiem – F 1:15.78 P T W retired D retired.
Bathurst – F 1:38.02 P T
Spa Franscorpchamps – F 1:50.90 P T
Zandvoort – F 1:13.12 P T
Shanghi GP – F 1:39.35 P T
Nurburg Ring Short – F 1:06.99 P T

Oran Park Short – F 23.47 T P
Eastern Creek Short – R F 55.82 P T  – I did say 55.
Brands Hatch – F T 39.32 P R
Gateway International – F R 51.00 P T
Sandown Int – P R T F
F165  P 135  T 122  R 118

Motopark Oshcherschleben – F 1:09.24 T P R
Noris Ring City – F T R P
Barbagallo – F 43.34 R T P
Oran Park – F 50.51 T R P
Brands Hatch – F 1:05.31 R P T


3 responses to “090820 Mission Debriefing

  1. NO gaiming this week.. or next.. busy building. Comming along nicely.Message from Wood: he’s "gunna take a bit of a spell wiv the gamin" and will get back in at a lata date.Well done Fred .. for knocking or blocking or winning or all? I’m not sure what happened from my end of the enclave, but I had fun slacking down in the ranks. Until next time … have a good one 🙂


  2. No gaming this week either, sorry fella’s, I haven’t had time to iron my frock ;)Should be finished with construction by next week.Hope everyone’s well 🙂


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