090812 Mission Notice

Gaming nights seem to come around quick and fast nowadays – unlike Tone on the virtual track lately, but that might be about to change …
Prepare to strap yourself in for another night of mayhem and banter at the EDGE, this Friday 21/8. Pit yourself against the road warrior that is Tone and his new virtual arm extension which makes him as one with his machine … OK, that’s crap, but if you fancy a game and a good chance of not comming last cause I probably will, it’s on. Come one, come all, come on Fred?

BTW, I had some ‘fun’ setting up the G25 with GRID on Windows7. After loading the latest Logitech 64 bit drivers(Vista) – the G25 can not be found on the Logitech site (AU) under gaming controllers, but the drivers for the Momo seem to do the job, I discovered a 1.2 GRID patch which subsequently provided the device at least with some form of feedback emulation within the game. I have it on file for players convenience as it was difficult to locate on the Codemasters site.

See you Friday?
And no Raw, you can’t have it!

5 responses to “090812 Mission Notice

  1. Parts is still unable to post to the blog, so here’s his emailed comment:"Parts and Kizza will be in attendance this Friday so Raw will need to be on his best behaviour".Best behaviour INDEED!!


  2. FRED! Who is this .. fred? And just what IS he thinking?Where am I and what year is it?Happy new year?Welcome back anyway soldier, you’ve been MIA for some time!Informed via text: Nadz won’t be hanging about on Friday.


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