090807 Mission Debriefing

Raw, Darklord & Woodie battled the elements and joined Tone to soak up the pungent aroma of yet another gaming night. After a decent chat, and then some, we eventually fired up V8 Supercars 3 for some trackside action, starting with the V6 Clio European Cup and moving onto the more powerful Gambella’s. Darklord dominated proceedings, with the odd surprise upset thrown in for good measure – on ya Raw 🙂 Tone failed to find much of any form for the entire evening after re-calibrating pedals with over sensitivity and dreaming of shiny alluminium equipment soon to come. As the evening wore on and any shootem’s would have required an install on DL’s freshly re-build machine after recent viral activity, we gave the carnage a miss in exchange for an earlyish night, as some of us were in for early morning starts.
Fanks for the fun fellas! Till the next fabulous fragging Friday of fun 😉

2 responses to “090807 Mission Debriefing

  1. "It’s here, it’s here … quick, get the door!"A "Gone with the Wind" moment … the G25 has landed. 🙂


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