Yep, why not, been a while, let’s play some games this Friday (10/7).

UPDATE: An intimate evening with Raw, Parts and Tone in attendance.
We hit the tarmac in GRID with some gentleman’s racing, waiting for each other at first, then it became more serious. A variety of vehicles and tracks were taken on with some spectacular aerial flipping mishaps!

When we tired, we fired up COD2 and let Raw annihalate us with his over enthusiastic weapons prowess.


6 responses to “090710

  1. I’ve been browsing for PC wheels … found this: http://www.frex.com/gp/A mere $2060 AU for the wheel controller, which doesn’t actually include a steering wheel or pedals. They have full hydraulic pedals starting from $1200!! There’s also the SimConMOTION for about $2,500 which simulates G-forces through your seat! There goes the inheritance!!


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