090724 Debriefing

Another intimate evening with Darklord, Raw & partner Megane (probably spelt wrong) & Tone.
A socially focused evening with not much gaming at all .. after loading the latest GTR incarnation, only to discover no multiplayer mode! DL gave me a go on his unit, and I must admit, driveablility and realism were supurb, a vast improvement over the original GT package. We eventually had a bit of fun in V8 Supercars. Fred was again conspicuously absent, I’m wondering if it’s something I’ve done … or haven’t?


Yep, why not, been a while, let’s play some games this Friday (10/7).

UPDATE: An intimate evening with Raw, Parts and Tone in attendance.
We hit the tarmac in GRID with some gentleman’s racing, waiting for each other at first, then it became more serious. A variety of vehicles and tracks were taken on with some spectacular aerial flipping mishaps!

When we tired, we fired up COD2 and let Raw annihalate us with his over enthusiastic weapons prowess.