090612 Mission

yep, gaming’s go.
Who wants to play … something other than Midway?

UPDATE: … and gaming was go, in some small capacity.
Present: Raw, Darklord, Nads, Tone.
GRID: Yes, we tried this awesome racing game for the first time on a gaming night of multiplayer mayhem.
Darklord dominated proceedings .. because we let him win. It’s soooo pretty! I’m a butterfly, look at my beautiful wings!
COD2: Elamine – Tone 29, defeated Raw 28!
We finished up about 12.15am.

TESTING WINDOWS 7: I’ve loaded on the Release Candidate of this new OS as a dual boot on my main i7 PC.
Install was floorless … easiest install ever instigated (including Mac), no driver updates required, everything worked!
A few minor issues have followed with program installs: Assasins Creed plays inside a window box which can’t be expanded to full screen.
COD2 asked for latest version of Flash, but then came up with a missing library and wouldn’t install. GRID will no longer run on the XP install, but played great multiplayer under W7 on the evening. W7 takes advantage of DirectX 10, but the games take a noticable (though not too detrimental) performance hit if Aero is left on, even on a powerful i7 PC. Unfortunately the 32 bit version still only sees just over 3 Gig or RAM too, so the 64 bit version is required to take full advantage of the 6 Gig installed. I was also unable to intall Daemon Tools.


3 responses to “090612 Mission

  1. Due to the physical nature of time travel and the obvious distance between our two planets, I am unable to attend tonights gaming sensation, but I will be there in spirit, with likeminded souls.


  2. FRED….. where art thou?. Mission – track down, retrieve, and bring in this wayward operative using any means necessary, and return to base for next gaming session.


  3. Thought about gaming tonight (26/6), weather’s crap & early start tomorrow, so best given a miss this evening me thinks.Won’t be on next week either as we’re going away for the weekend.Have fun!


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