090508 Mission Debrief

Quick rundown of the evening.
Present: Raw, Darklord, Parts & Tone. Kieren was ‘ere, but didn’t play with us.

Installing & patching BF2 followed by network troubles and socialising kept us busy and delayed the start of gameplay.
(On the network note, I rebooted the Lynksys WRT54G last night and now everything’s fine.)

We eventually got everything going with static IP addresses and spent the remainder of the evening playing Battlestations Midway for a race free evening.

Talking of racing, Codemasters are set to launch FUEL (http://www.fuel-game.com) on May 29.
Their blub states: "The biggest environment ever seen in a racing game …
FUEL is your alternate-reality playground in which to burn up the last
remaining oil with a huge variety of vehicles and game modes .."

Not sure if that’s art imitating life or visa versa, but sounds like lots of virtual fuel burning fun.

Until next we meet in the virtual world, have a good’un … pencil in May 22.