090417 Mission Debrief !!

Present: Parts, Tone, Raw, Canon, Darklord, Nads.   Fred’s extended absence was noted.

V8 Supercars test race while setting up – Collision ON, Damage OFF
Barbagallo T 43.15 P R (scrap with P & R)
Eastern Creek P 1:09.35 R T
Hidden Valley D 50.49 T P R C
Symonds Plains D 43.07 R P T C
Bathurst D 1:43.20 P T R C
RESULT: P 2400 T 1200 R 900 D 576

GT Tuning Cup – Gemballa GTR
Lugana Seca D 1:16.43 T R P
Spa D 1:50.99 P R T
Zandvoort D 1:12.59 R nudged T off the track T P
D 1:02.68 P R T C
RESULT: D 954 P 912 R 906 T 888

We then loaded "Battlestations Midway" for some new WWII seafaring action.
Darklord controlled an aircraft carrier with Raw for support, while Parts and Tone went on the offensive.
The comments are open to submit your first impressions. Nerd

As machinery’s stepped up a notch recently, it’s been requested Agents
lock and load "Battlefield 2" in preparation for the next mission, likely on May 4.

Communication Ends.


8 responses to “090417 Mission Debrief !!

  1. Thanks Raw, your fast comment reply is also praise worthy!I liked the battleships too … even more so new Parts has found out how to move more than one boat at a time using the map.


  2. g`day tone,YIPPPPPIE WE HAVE CHANGED THE NIGHT 2 A MONDAY HAVE WE .. got ur dates mxed up again !!! IS IT THE 1 OR THE 8 ????????????? NADZ


  3. Just keeping you on your toes, good to see you were paying attention ;)>>>> GAMING NOT ON THIS FRIDAY <<<< NOW MAY 8 – so Parts can participate.Hope this is suitable for everyone. Cheers.


  4. Confirmation: GAMING IS GO THIS FRIDAY (8/5)Reminder: Lock and load BATTLEFIELD 2 – and apply the all in one patch!I have an extra map pack too, but as yet I haven’t installed that.Anyone interested in revisiting Combat Flightsim 3 ??? Just a thought.


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