No gaming yet …

As this Friday is Not So Good Friday .. well, for Jesus at least,
it’s also not so good Friday for Edge gaming.

We’re off out for tea, and Parts is still struggling to get his behemoth PC up and running,
but the problem may well be sorted.

Apparently XP with at least SERVICE PACK 2 is required on these new X58 / i7 jobbies.
XP with SP3 was purchased today and is possibly being installed AS I TYPE!

Not only that, but I’m still recovering from the previous weekends extended jaunt to Melbourne.
Meanwhile, my new rig sits mostly idle
while I catch up on lost sleep (what a waste!). I did put Crysis on it
and can report SHEER AWESOMENESS with every setting on high @ 1280×1024
with not a perceptible framerate flicker. I love the way water runs
down the monitor when you pop your head above water. Anyway …

– That would be the 17/4 if I’m not mistaken Raw.

Happy Easter! 
And remember to go out and sin – otherwise The Man suffered for nought!


4 responses to “No gaming yet …

  1. Thanks for the confirmation Raw, much appreciated ;)I’m thinking your the only one who reads my drivel.Forgot to give a rundown on previous mission …In brief, no racing, SOF II all night. I won.OK, maybe I didn’t.


  2. Well if you change the ‘I’ to a ‘R’ and put ‘aw’ on the end of it I think you would be more on the money lol :). Im sure others read your updates, they are just shy 😉


  3. i do believe that i was second aswell so that makes u 3rd tone lol .is it all a go 4 tonight ?i should b there about 7 with sum new games to play ^^


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