Build night it was!  Tongue out
Processors arrived from Megaware via AusPost, picked up around  1.30pm.
Tone started the install around 5, on and off with distractions, Parts joined in about 7, just as tone bolted down the spanking new GTX N260OC.
While Tone got on with BIOS updates & messing about with SATA drivers, Parts busied himself with hands on hardware. .
2 different case designs chosen posed their own problems, my older revived Antec Lanboy was a very snug fit, while Part’s Cooler Master™ RC590 SECC Case enjoyed luxurious space, but the bottom mounted power supply forced some challenging wire routing decicions.
After a gueling session,  Parts departed at 11.30, and Tone ploughed on with the software install untill the wee hours. When do you stop eh! I figured when I had tested the first game on this beast. Grid has just finished intalling. PARTY TIME!

Sorry for the late update Raw, been a bit distracted 🙂

After setting everything up in Grid, then determining that turning off Hyperthreading was a good idea, I settled into a lap of Spa! Beautifully rendered smoke billowed from the tyres, and minute details, like sparks comming off the disk brakes completed the smooth running scene. I was thrilled when an AI car rolled in front of me, with bitties of detailed debris flying off in all directions! Before I’d completed a lap, the phone rang, with the missus asking "don’t you think it’s time for bed?". At 5am, I left the enclave, content that Deep Thought truly could answer the problems of life, the universe and everything. Well, in my gaming universe for a few years anyway.

Hopefully an intended run of early nights this week will see me in good steed for Friday, where our new rigs can be pitted against the Edge Elite’s best and brightest. Yes Raw, I’m talking about … Stormy .. lol.


5 responses to “BUILD NIGHT …

  1. I were up till 2am on Saturday, installed Assasins Creed and had a look – AWESOME!On Sunday, I installed SOFII – not much difference there as expected,V8SC3 – best I’ve ever seen it, everything turned up full and it PUMPS :)Now maybe I’ll enjoy driving in circles more on Friday nights, as it will be easier on the eyes.COD2 – once again, full on, 1280×1024 res, feckin’ beautiful! I even poped a few caps in some online asses.TestDrive Unlimited – way better than before, though the light/white colours blow out and the shadows are really dark.I had a good thrash last night in GRID – demo derby is great fun, and the drifting is awesome.Went to bed at a sensible 11pm, but probably should have gone earlier.I’m having trouble deciding what to play, as they’re all so good now, as it should be.


  2. gaming is go friday the 23?, I thought monday was the 23rd. is it the 27th or is my calender wrong? 🙂 not sure what im doing but will let u know. good to hear the systems are up and running.


  3. Good pick up Raw, I edited it on the 23rd, and Friday is indeed the 27th. Probably goes to show I need more sleep!


  4. me and glenn will b there and ill have sum new games to push ur system to the limits ^^ lets see if we can break it lol (ghost recon adv warfighter 2 , sof 3 , world in conflict , crysis , gears of war , fall out 3 , cod 4-5 , gta 4 , turok , farcry 2 , saints row 2 , )


  5. You’ve purchased alot of games lately DL!! Nice of you to let us try them out before we decide if they’re worth purchasing. Cheers.


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