Update .. finally.

090206 Mission Debriefing
PRESENT: Darklord,  Raw,  Canon, Parts, Kieren, Nadz, Tone.
MGX Power SVG shield – Collision off, damage on.
Shanghi Grand Prix – D 1.53.72 P T C retired
Power failure: units 1-5, kettle turned on upstairs.
Gaming resumes 9pm.

Hockenheim GP – D 1:14.75 T R C P timed out – lost throttle.
Zandvoort – D 1:13.41 T R P
Adelaide Street – D 1.08.44 P R T C retired
Nurburb Ring Short – D 1:07.04 R P T C
Bahraine GP 1:36.98 R P T
RESULT: D 60 P 37 T  36 R 36

Spa Frans – D 1:58.56 P T R
Brands Hatch – D R 1:03.74 T
    D 1:26.26 R P T
Olshershleben D 1.07.56 R P T retired 1st lap
    P 1:07.84 D K R
RESULT:D 954 P 912 R 906 T 888

Carentane T 19 R 15 P 7
Carentane Deathmatch R 33 T 23

Mission Ends: 12.40.

090306 Mission Debriefing

PRESENT: Raw, Woodie, Nadz, Tone.
A small gathering of the clans, bit of a social night while we locked and loaded up EMPIRE EARTH.
The period of WWII on islands was chosen. We built up our armies for over an hour, with a few minor skirmishes over a central island, a bit of a tussle between Woodie and Raw and side border disputes had just begun. I’d finally just figured out how to launch the mass of aircraft I’d built from my hangers, when THE GAME QUIT, not allowing us to finish the game. Nadz even played.

Finca Housewarming – Deathmatch around the pool to finish off the evening.

Apologies for the late update Raw 😉
been a bit busy lately, hope this makes amends lads.

With any luck, which we don’t seem to be having much of lately – for Parts and I, the night of the 20th of March could be BUILD NIGHT, IF and that’s a big IF some spanking CPU’s arrive before then.

We still have no refund from Yadnum Computers or processors, so are ordering elsewhere while we chase our money. I have reported them to the ACCC and have initiated steps through my bank to recover the funds, though I anticipate it may take some time, I remain hopeful. Office of Fair Trading will be next. I won’t wish a POX anything bad on Michael Munday, cause karma can bite back & I just want our money back.



7 responses to “Update .. finally.

  1. woodie informed me that the game was auto saving so we could finish it later.personally I dont want to lol.He just wants to wipe us all out so I say let’s spoil his fun and say no.


  2. lol. I recon your right Raw.2 x i7 processors were dispatched today (not from Yadnum!), anticipate arrival hopefully by Friday.


  3. Hi Mick, the cpu’s we ordered from Yadnum in December have never been dispatched and I’m having trouple getting a refund. I’ve got the NSW Office of Fair Trading onto it, ACCC and my bank, but goole quickly finds others in the same boat.We remain hopefull of a refund, but expect it may take some time.


  4. does this mean you wouldnt recommend them to others? ;). hope you get it sorted and maybe get your cash back to.


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