Prepare to be drafted men.
Gaming is GO, repeat, GOOD TO GO THIS FRIDAY!! (6/2)
Dust of your wheel & dig out some virtual firepower.
Bring your helmets – driving and combat, fire suits, BP vests and all kit.

PC status: Cases now kitted with PSU’s, DVD & HD drives, fans and cabling.
        Still waiting on i7 CPU’s.
All other parts awaiting assembly.
        Eddie has new DVD as old Sony died, is now ready for action.

See ya before I shoot ya … maybe.


7 responses to “090206 MISSION STATUS ….

  1. Part’s is in … and Kieren I guess, Nadz is hanging to participate and consume gingerbread.No one else has reported in, maybe because they haven’t checked the blog and I haven’t bothered to email or txt anyone.BUT IT IS ON. Cheers.


  2. Hi Raw,Sorry mate, no gaming this week EITHER!!1. I have a sniffle.2. I have 40 late ads to build before Monday for a publication, because hotmail is playing up and not recieving all my emails :(3. Doing Salamanca on Sat. again.4. Because I can, so there.HOPEFULLY, almost definiately, it will be on next week – March 6 :)Oh, and 5. because I’m still waiting for a fkn i7 CPU … I’ve lodged a complaint against Yadnum with the ACCC because it seems highly likely we’ve been scammed. YOU B*STARD!! (Not you Raw, Mr Munday).Gotta go … ads to do 😦


  3. Well Raw, I’ve been asking myself the very same question for 3 days now.It’s been a while, and seems as you asked sooooooooo nice like,WHAT THE HELL LETS GO GAMING!!!IT’S ON .. THIS FRIDAY MARCH 6!Spread the word.


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