090109 First Mission of 2009.

Present: Parts, Kieren, Canon, Katrina, Raw, Tone
An unexpected but welcome visit by some junior members helped to boost numbers to a respectable level. Racing was kept short AND WAS STARTED EARLY so that shoot’ems could prevail with all attendees participating.

V8SC3 – Japanese Works Cup NSX
Oscherschleben: P T1:25.75 K C
Hockenheim: P 1:23.31 T R K C
Eastern Creek: T R 1:24.67 P C K
Barbagallo: T 52.30 P R K C (Retired)
P t 1:47.37 R K (Retired)
RESULTS: P 87 T 85 R K C

The Edge Frag Fest ensued, starting with a free for all, before breaking into teams for some bag snatching. Raw dominated proceedings and the confident young upstarts weren’t quite the force they reckoned to be reckoned with. But, um, I did got shot by a girl.

THIS WEEK (23/1): NO GAMING – agents will be away.

THE FOLLOWING WEEK (30/1): NO GAMING – likely to be Rich and Tone’s long awaited night of construction. The last (but very important) bits for our PC’s should arrive this week!

THE WEEK FOLLOWING THE FOLLOWING WEEK: (6/2) GOOD FOR GO? – The next intended gaming evening.

Feel free to chat amongst yourselves.


6 responses to “090109 First Mission of 2009.

  1. let me know when ur building the machines and ill bring my new case up to show u and ill bring up some games u couldn`t play b4 but will be able to now. and about time i`ve had these games 4 ages but no one else could play them.


  2. U should of made it up gaming Craig I would of gladly put ur mind at ease by taking and playing the games nobody could play before šŸ˜‰ Should mention that Keiren was right up there with the shootem up’s.


  3. Our build has been delayed .. again! Yadnum, was closed until Mon 19/1. Now they tell me they don’t have CPU’s in stock "until early February! Don’t think it’s gonna work without one of them šŸ˜‰ I’ve hunted elsewhere, but Yadnum are cheaper by $80 (each) than anywhere else, plus we get a fee lesson in patience. Tell you what, it’s testing mine.SO, THERE’S A GOOD CHANCE GAMING WILL BE ON 30/1 – stand by for confirmation.Sound’s like Craig’s build is complete … lucky dog. I’m looking forward to some new games.Been eying off Assasins Creed for some time, and I’ve got Beauwolf which won’t play on my old box, and today I bought TestDrive Unlimited for $20 from DS – that will play on my old box at least – 90 cars & Bikes around the Island of Oahu, I’ve wanted that one for a while too.


  4. NO GAMING THIS WEEK! (30/1)Hope you didn’t get your hopes up too much.Apparently ‘plans’ have been made.Hope you all enjoyed you’re long weekend.We had a great time camped in a once lovely spot down south being "entertained" by some fellow campers.We were eventually "rednecked" out by loud music, swearing, raucous laughter – the later it got, the louder it got – and to top it off, some good old-fashioned wife beating! Seems some folk just don’t give a fock much about anything.


  5. well Tone, bogans are taking over the world you know :). They are starting to move into all the once nice area’s. I really dont know where they get the money from to live in these places but they seem to manage it.Maybe popping out lots of kiddies and selling them on the black market or meth labs in the basement or prostituting their wives and themselves out.Who knows.


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