090109 First Mission of 2009.

Present: Parts, Kieren, Canon, Katrina, Raw, Tone
An unexpected but welcome visit by some junior members helped to boost numbers to a respectable level. Racing was kept short AND WAS STARTED EARLY so that shoot’ems could prevail with all attendees participating.

V8SC3 – Japanese Works Cup NSX
Oscherschleben: P T1:25.75 K C
Hockenheim: P 1:23.31 T R K C
Eastern Creek: T R 1:24.67 P C K
Barbagallo: T 52.30 P R K C (Retired)
P t 1:47.37 R K (Retired)
RESULTS: P 87 T 85 R K C

The Edge Frag Fest ensued, starting with a free for all, before breaking into teams for some bag snatching. Raw dominated proceedings and the confident young upstarts weren’t quite the force they reckoned to be reckoned with. But, um, I did got shot by a girl.

THIS WEEK (23/1): NO GAMING – agents will be away.

THE FOLLOWING WEEK (30/1): NO GAMING – likely to be Rich and Tone’s long awaited night of construction. The last (but very important) bits for our PC’s should arrive this week!

THE WEEK FOLLOWING THE FOLLOWING WEEK: (6/2) GOOD FOR GO? – The next intended gaming evening.

Feel free to chat amongst yourselves.