We are good for GO this Friday, 12/12.
Attention all agents, want a pre-game BBQ?
Then LET ME KNOW  by comment or email etc.
BYO affair if anyone’s interested, from about 6.45-7.00pm.
Anticipating a LATE evening, so tell your partners not to expect you home  🙂

– about bloody time!!

PS: check back for update comments closer to the event.


3 responses to “081212

  1. Games Status:Parts has penciled in his participation,Raw is a goer … but not his PC. (We’ll likely require an extra spare for racing, or shoot’ems will predominate the evening!)Nadz is a negative.No other status’ is known, but it’s highly likely Tone will make it.I’ve sold the Impreza! The first to see snapped up the stunning example of motoring excellence. You’ve missed your chance.I’m now a "white van driver", in the from of an LPG only 1996 VW Transporter 2.0, already dubbed by my mechanic, "The Zombie Van". Quite a contrast from the Mini, to the extreme.


  2. Looks like we have a quorum! BBQ will be fired up at 7.00pm sharp.I haven’t heard from Canon or Fred yet, further contact will be attempted.Enlcave was tidied up last night, Let’s GAME ON!!!


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