Mision Status: Update

DON’T get excited fellas … Heads up:

Last weeks postponed mission … rescheduled for perhaps this week, TBA, will most likely NOT happen this week.
Very busy on the baking front, with over 5000 (no joke, no excuses) that’s right, 5000 items to help decorate and pack.
This situationis likely to continue until a week or two out from Christmas.  Any volunteers?

I will update blog, email and SMS agents prior to the next mission. If you hear nought, it’s not on.

Sorry fella’s and thanks for your understanding.

081107 Mission Debriefing

PRESENT: Nads, Parts, Canon, Raw, Darklord, Woodie, Tone

9.30 Honda Type R – Collision ON, Damage OFF
Phillip Island – T 1:43.64 R P
Laguna Seca – P 1:34.26 R T
Brands Hatch – P 48.63 T R
Oran Park – T 1:09.14 P R
? – P T 1:15.30 R
RESULT: P 110 T 106 R 94

Bulla Challenge – GTR 750 Evo Porche – Collision OFF, Damage ON
Hockenheim Ring – D 1:15.95 P R T (rolled) C W
Zandvoort – D 1:14.24 R P T C W
Adelaide – D 1:08.71 R T W P C
Nurburg Ring Short – D 1:07 R P T W C
Bahrain GP- D 1.38.56 R P T W C
RESULT: D 50 R 38 P 30 T 26 W 19 C 17

SOFII –  Blownapart
Shop under Siege: Infiltration – W 26 D 25 C 25 .. 16 …
Raven office: Deathmatch – R 40 D 27 T 21 P 16 W 16 C12
Raven office: Deathmatch – R 40 D 28 W 17 T 14 P 14 N 8

Mission Ends – 12.30am

It’s been a while for such a good turnout. Thanks for some great racing and fragging.

081108 Limited Mission
PRESENT: Parts, Kiza, Tone

V8 Supercars International
A fun relaxed night while the women folk went out, no Minutes were kept.

Apologies for the late posting, busy with design work, an overload of gingerbread orders and internet troubles have plagued the Edge for over a week. Finally sorted … for now.
The good news, due to some long and late hours put in, enough funds have now been earned for a long overdue new PC build … once the good folk pay us 🙂 While we wait, hopefully the price will drop on the now available i7 processors and X58 mobos. Should have a shiny new machine by January (hopefully).

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