081023 Mission Debriefing

Present: D R T W
Lots of banter, more of a social lads night.
9.00 start

World GT Cup
(T Noble M12, R Marcos Mantis, D Corvette C5, W Corvette C5)
Lugana Seca: D 1:15.60 R T W (lagging)
Bathurst: R 1:51.47 T D W
(D Noble N12, W Aero 8)
Zandvoort: D T W R 1:28.17
Adelaide: D W R 1:17.31 T
(T: Marcos Mantos)
Spa: R 2:11.16 D W T (desperate times, desperate measures)
Shanghi: W D 52.66 T R
Surfers Paradise: D T 1:33.62 (chicane) W R
Phillip Island: W 1:18.86 T R D
Eastern Creek Int: D 1:15.68 T W R
RESULT: D 77 (T 62 W 62) R 60

Norris Ring City: D T 47.53 R W
Zandvoort: T 1:26.60 D R W
Changi: D 1:54.09 T (unstuck 3rd lap) R W
Bathurst: (Very good racing!) W 54.41 T R
Mondello Int: W D 1:22.57 T R
Castle Coombe: T 57.29 D W R
Spa Francorpschamps: D 2:11.89 R T W
Oulton Park Int: T 1:26.08  D R W
RESULT: D 140 T 126 R 87 W 87

Great cars to race, close. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Mission Ends 12.00.

NEXT MISSION: Friday the 7th of November, 2008, if I’m not mistaken.


4 responses to “081023 Mission Debriefing

  1. That’s right … THIS Friday!Parts has emailed his intention to participate.Some Kick-arse power supplies recommended by Darklord have been purchased to kick-start new rig builds for Parts and Tone.OUT NOW and AVAILABLE … NEW Intel Core i7 LGA1366 processors and X58 Mobo’s !!Not much change from $1000 for a CPU and MOBO – Worth the wait?

    "Existing Core 2 processors … see their demise to a greatly superior processor."

    http://www.legionhardware.com/html/doc.php?id=786Sounds like it!!


  2. sorry won’t be able to attend as the co has orderd fred to go on recon 2 triabunna !!!!
    start of cray  desaster!!! some prick ran over one of my pot lines cutting it off got th
    bouy back cut in half. the weather was shit wind from all points of th compas
    changing up 2 5-6 times in a day. got 9 cray tho.
    happy racing .
    C/YA fred.


  3. Thanks for the Heads-Up fella’s – appreciated 🙂
    Wood and Darklord have also indicated there attendance via SMS.
    See ya’s REAL soon 🙂


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