081023 Mission Debriefing

Present: D R T W
Lots of banter, more of a social lads night.
9.00 start

World GT Cup
(T Noble M12, R Marcos Mantis, D Corvette C5, W Corvette C5)
Lugana Seca: D 1:15.60 R T W (lagging)
Bathurst: R 1:51.47 T D W
(D Noble N12, W Aero 8)
Zandvoort: D T W R 1:28.17
Adelaide: D W R 1:17.31 T
(T: Marcos Mantos)
Spa: R 2:11.16 D W T (desperate times, desperate measures)
Shanghi: W D 52.66 T R
Surfers Paradise: D T 1:33.62 (chicane) W R
Phillip Island: W 1:18.86 T R D
Eastern Creek Int: D 1:15.68 T W R
RESULT: D 77 (T 62 W 62) R 60

Norris Ring City: D T 47.53 R W
Zandvoort: T 1:26.60 D R W
Changi: D 1:54.09 T (unstuck 3rd lap) R W
Bathurst: (Very good racing!) W 54.41 T R
Mondello Int: W D 1:22.57 T R
Castle Coombe: T 57.29 D W R
Spa Francorpschamps: D 2:11.89 R T W
Oulton Park Int: T 1:26.08  D R W
RESULT: D 140 T 126 R 87 W 87

Great cars to race, close. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Mission Ends 12.00.

NEXT MISSION: Friday the 7th of November, 2008, if I’m not mistaken.


PRESENT: Darklord, RawT, Woodie, Nadz & Tone.
9.30 "A few bugs tonight, issues."
V8 SUPERCARS – Collision Off
Adelaide: D T R 1:12.51 W (Retired)
W resets wheel.
Adelaide: D 1:11.15 T R W (+1 – into wall) N
Barbagallo: T (lead from 1st corner) R W D 41.37 (Big mistake) N
Eastern Creek:  D 1:08.31 T (1 mistake) R W N
Shanghi: T (late start) R W N D (timed out)
[Current total: T 756 R726 W 708 N 684 D 558]

"Add 196 to Darklords Total"
Surfers Paradise: D 1:25.54 R W T N
Phillip Island: D T 1:11.21 R W N
Bathurst: D 1:42.46 R T W (retired) N
RESULT: T 1296 R 1278 W 1230 N 1194 D 1134 + 196 = 1330

International Rallycross Long: D 2:03.72 W T R N
International Rallycross Short: W D 55.29 T R N
Rallycross Medium: D W 1:12.93 T R N
Brands Hatch Rallycross: W T D (bounced of the wall) 46.76 R N (Go Nadz!)
RESULT: W 360 D 350 T 290 R 240 N (Nadz dropped off.)

11.45 Packup. Short but sweet. Top racing fellas.

NEXT MISSION: Friday 24 November.