080926 Mission Debriefing

PRESENT: Nads, Parts, Kizz, Tone. There could have been six!

Warm-up: 8.30pm
1960 GT CUP  – CORVETTE SINGRAYS – Collision ON, Damage OFF.

Nashville Super Speedway: T K 28.55 P N
Dover International: T P 22.82 K N
Indianapolis Moto Speedway: P 51.49 T (tapped by Nads on start, having wheel trouble) N (retired)
RESULT: T 24 P 20 K16 N

Motopark Oslchersleben: T 1:26.90 (clear out in front) K P 1:33. K N
Hochenheim: P T (late start, drove K into the wall) 1:22 K N
Eastern Creek International: K T 1:20.50 (big off with P following) P N
Barbagallo: P 54.490 T K N Bit of biffo, bit of fun!
Phillip Island GP: K 1:28.82 T P (lagging) N
Surfers Paradise:  (one point between T & K for champs) K 1:49.18 P T (big off) N
RESULT: K 99 T 92 P 91 N 48

Adelaide P T 1:12.76 K (lagging) N
Pukekhoe T 46.40 P K N
Barbagallo: P T K N
Eastern Creek: K P 1:09.81 T N
Sandown Int: T P 56.49 K N Very close, clean racing!!
Bathurst: P T 1:44.01 K N
Philip Island: T P 1:11.93 (catching up!) K N
RESULTS: P 1320 T 1314 K 12.72 N 12.81

finca Housewarming: T 40 K 27 P 20 N 0
Winter Wonderland: K 40 T 29 P 19 N 3
Sniper Buildings Map: K 25 P 14 T 7
Sniper Buildings Map: K 21 P 14 T 13

An excellent night despite the eventual small turnout.
Thanks fella’s for some great gaming.
Maybe next time there’ll be some more competition.

Evening winds up at 1.00am.

GAMING IS GO this Friday, 10/10.
And fortnightly from then until further notice.


6 responses to “080926 Mission Debriefing

  1. Gaming is GO for THIS Friday ….
    That will get us in line with Canon’s fortnightly work roster.Be nice if I knew in advance who was comming so I know if it’s worth having.Cheers.


  2. i will b there this time regardlessi have to show off my new monitor loljust try and get mal working so  glen can use him 😀


  3. I’ve got V8SC3 running on another spare PC. It’s a bit low spec and ordinary, but Kieran used it last week and won a trophy .. though that probably says more about the lack of our performance than the PC’s sad performance
    If Fred could bring a spare PC, I think Woodie would much prefer that 🙂


  4. On Ya Raw :)Canon WON’T be in attendance, his new store opens TODAY, and he’ll be working every Saturday from 4.00am for the next few weeks or so. We may have to re-sync with him again in a month or two.


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