080926 Mission Debriefing

PRESENT: Nads, Parts, Kizz, Tone. There could have been six!

Warm-up: 8.30pm
1960 GT CUP  – CORVETTE SINGRAYS – Collision ON, Damage OFF.

Nashville Super Speedway: T K 28.55 P N
Dover International: T P 22.82 K N
Indianapolis Moto Speedway: P 51.49 T (tapped by Nads on start, having wheel trouble) N (retired)
RESULT: T 24 P 20 K16 N

Motopark Oslchersleben: T 1:26.90 (clear out in front) K P 1:33. K N
Hochenheim: P T (late start, drove K into the wall) 1:22 K N
Eastern Creek International: K T 1:20.50 (big off with P following) P N
Barbagallo: P 54.490 T K N Bit of biffo, bit of fun!
Phillip Island GP: K 1:28.82 T P (lagging) N
Surfers Paradise:  (one point between T & K for champs) K 1:49.18 P T (big off) N
RESULT: K 99 T 92 P 91 N 48

Adelaide P T 1:12.76 K (lagging) N
Pukekhoe T 46.40 P K N
Barbagallo: P T K N
Eastern Creek: K P 1:09.81 T N
Sandown Int: T P 56.49 K N Very close, clean racing!!
Bathurst: P T 1:44.01 K N
Philip Island: T P 1:11.93 (catching up!) K N
RESULTS: P 1320 T 1314 K 12.72 N 12.81

finca Housewarming: T 40 K 27 P 20 N 0
Winter Wonderland: K 40 T 29 P 19 N 3
Sniper Buildings Map: K 25 P 14 T 7
Sniper Buildings Map: K 21 P 14 T 13

An excellent night despite the eventual small turnout.
Thanks fella’s for some great gaming.
Maybe next time there’ll be some more competition.

Evening winds up at 1.00am.

GAMING IS GO this Friday, 10/10.
And fortnightly from then until further notice.

080926 Mission Status …


Parts and myself have successfully returned from behind enemy lines on our recent "team building" exercise, which will hopefully result in a vast improvement to Part’s future mission participation.

Here’s just a glimps at some of the G-force generating machines and torture devices Parts was made to endure during our foray…

0008 Plane flight 
Plane Flight and 24,000 ft jump

0042Ride 1 Submarine 
First Ride – Dreamworld’s Submarine Reef Diver.
These innocent looking babies go upside down and pack a dizzying punch!

0058 Vortex Inside
The mighty Vortex – more blood in the head pumping, spinning G excitement.

0108 Dohan Ride Rich
Mick Doohan pussy corners ride, rated LAME. Let’s get upside down again ….

0255 Corkscrew  0256 Corkscrew2 
Seaworld’s short but sharp "Corkscrew". Rich and I participated twice before being dragged away.

0393 Acme RC 
Then we strapped ourselves onto rockets!! Bring it on at Movieworld.

0421 Parts Playing dead
Parts tries to hide by playing dead … so he payed!

0428 Logride
On the plunge at Terror canyon, we both copped a soaking!

0459 Lethal Weapon
Leathal Weapon had us inverted 5 times pushing 4 G’s!
Tone also braved the Batwing Launch, TWICE, which pulls a whopping 4.5 G,
while someone else hid in the Bat cave!!

0734 Crock Wrestling
Next up, some Crikey Croc wrestling!! Parts successfully
took down this beast with his Bourbon breath!

0867 Water torture
Not one for water torture, Parts sent his son in his stead at White Water World!

0111 Tower of Terror
So for payback, I took Parts on Dreamworld’s Tower of Terror!

Some rides set fear among mortal men.
Jaz and I were the ones from our group to brave
Dreamworld’s Cyclone below .. twice!
0862 Cyclone    

0453 Superman      0448 Superman
 Is it Parts? Is it Tone? Or is one of us Superman!!  With "Batwing Launch" behind at Movieworld.
Can you see us?

<<EDIT BEGINS: Second last picture>>
0961 in charge3
On the last evening, we HAD to finish off ALL the alcohol.
Parts was left incharge of the remote, but everything went grey and blurry.
Only one person was left standing to finish the job off,
right down to the cheap wine the ladyfolk wouldn’t drink!
(I’ve seen my laywer, she reckons this is ok. Talk to her.)
1005 Turbulance 
To finish off a memorable trip, on the way home, I got our pilot to take us through some storm cloud turbulence, just for good measure and to drive the message home … TURN UP, OR ELSE!!!!

Does Woodie require a PC? Mal is STILL out of order! Perhaps Fred would be kind enough to offer the use of one of his consoles for racing participation.

080905 Mission Debrief

PRESENT: NOT Parts!! – he was too tired. But Raw, Woodie, Darklord and Fred made the effort, thanks fellas.

Down a PC, so Wood and Tone teamed up for alternate races, kind of.
Adelaide: F 1:11.28 D R W
Barbagallo: F D 41.80 T R
Eastern Creek: F 1:07.20 D R W
Shanghi GP: D F 1:41.21 R W
Hidden Valley: T D 51.11 F R
Oran Park: F 49.26 T D R
Sandown: T 51.19 D (chasing) F R
Bathurst: D F 1:41.53 (overtaken on last corner –lots of discussion about "driving inside") R T (overtaken on last corner too – but no complaints.)
Surfers Paradise: F D R W
Phillip Island: D R 1:11.09 F W
RESULTS: D F – Draw 1872 T&W 1794 R 1782

Playoff – Surfers Paradise: D 1:24.97 F
Darklord claims the coveted V8 Perpetual Trophie.

(Darklord overheard saying "Tone’s off the pace tonight …")
Nat. Dirt Raceway 4: T F 54.37 W R
Brands Hatch Rallycross: T 43.13 W F R
Int. Rallycross Long: F 1:54.54 T R W
Int. Rallycross Medium: T 1:08.16 (Way out in front) F R W
Int. Rallycross Short: W 51.73 R F T
Nat. Dirt Raceway 5: T F 1:24.49 W R
RESULTS: T 64 F 58 W50 R44
Tone proving he has nothing to prove by easily claiming the support trophy. Quite appropriate, as the trophy originated from Tone’s 25th Birthday indoor go-karting race where he beat Peter Reid for outright victory, and now he holds the trophy again for his upcoming birthday.

Deathmatch around the pool: R 30 D 24 T15 W11 F 01.

DEPATURE: 11.45pm.
An excellent evening and fine kick-off for Tone’s holidays. As penance for Part’s no show, he will be taken on an extended interstate RL mission with Tone and entourage. This will involve aircraft transfers, a 24,000 feet night parachute drop into uncharted territory behind enemy lines, followed by an intensive 11 day training course in intensive heat, involving the highest G-force producing machines on the planet, an introduction in withstanding water torture devices, unruly children, even more unruly women folk to contend with and wild exotic animals to confront. We may not make it back alive, if not mentally scarred for life, but … a lesson must be learnt … turn up, or confront your fears.

Next mission won’t be held until at least September 26 – further advice will be posted closer to date, meanwhile, view more FANTASTIC photography by Tone, visit his new Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edgetas/
Until next time … adios!