080822 Mission Debriefing

Late start, Canon loading V8SC3 onto his laptop, a guest from down the road spilling things, losing things requiring a big cleanup (he did bring some nice homebrew along though) and Tone’s wheel requiring resetting after waiting for his CD back.

V8 SUPERCARS – Damage ON, Collision OFF
Barbagallo:F D 41.??
Eastern Creek: D 1:08.41 F C
Tone re-joins proceedings after packing the car: 9.30pm
Shanghi: F D 1:41.84 C T (Technical problems)
Hidden Valley: F 1:50.40 T D C
Surfers Paradise: F 1:25.84 D T C
Philip Island: D 1:11.91 F T C
RESULTS: F 1326 D 1314 C 1242 T 894 (not a hope anyway).

DTM’s T Mercedes
: F T 1:15.26 D (split .03)
Spa: F 1:52.56 D T (cut last corner)
Motopark Oshershleben: D 1:04.18 F T
Noris Ring: D 41.04 F T (beat F laptime)
Nurburg Ring short: F 1:07.95 D T
RESULTS: F 46 D 42 T 32

11.15PM Everyone went home. Hardly seemed worthwhile really considering the evening perhaps should have been of Olympic proportions!

We went to said neighbours house for tea the following evening. He apologised for any inconvenience caused and for mistaking Darklords goods for mine. He’d already had a gut full over the day before arrival … and he paid for it later!

NEXT MISSION: scheduled for September 5! Further advise on status will be posted.
Hopefully we can get into some action more than a little earlier.



6 responses to “080822 Mission Debriefing

  1. Gaming is GO this Friday – Sept 5th.Let’s make it a good one and hopefully get into the fray a bit earlier than of late to make your trip up here worth it!!LAST chance till at least Sept 26, as Parts and I head off for the tropics with tribes in tow.REPEAT, GAMING WILL NOT BE ON NEXT FORTNIGHT!!!The Gman will be Salamancering tomorrow, so proceedings won’t go tooooo late.Cheers.


  2. coming to defend title , pc probs are solved!!!, would it be posible to get started before 9.30 pm??
    or is that toooo much to ask ????? stay off the grass tone and give all of us the compertion
    we deserve se/ ya friday
      F.R.E.D. P1 RACING


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    保洁公司 -34589773350660


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