0808 Debriefing


PRESENT: Darklord, Raw, Woodie, Fred, Tone

9.40 START
V8 SUPERCARS Collision off
Adelaide: D 111.88 R F T
Pukekhoe: D won by .01 – 46.08 F R T
Barbagallo: F D 41.91 R T into the sand
Eastern Creek: D 1:08.70 F R T
Shanghi GP: D 1:41.19 F close R T
Hidden Valley: F T 1:51.04 D R
BREAK 10.10 RESUME 10.40 – Woody departs
Queensland Raceway F D 52.58 R T
Oran Park: F 49.80 T R D
Sandown: D T 53.95 R F
Bathurst: D 1:42.20F T R
Surfers Paradise: D F 1:26.66 R T
Symonds Plains: R D T 43.28 F
Philip Island: D 1:12.04 R F T
D won the trophy.
BREAK 11.10-11.20

Motopark Osherlsheben: F R T 1:09.37
Zandvort:T 1:19.88 F R
Eastern Creek Int: T F R 1:08.87
Barbagallo: F T R 42.29
Brands Hatch: F 1:04.16 T R
RESULT: F 112 T 106 R 92




3 responses to “0808 Debriefing

  1. Gaming is good for GO this FRIDAY 22/8.Earlyish end as Salamanca follows.Don’t forget to get your tax done, finished mine today , fun aint it!See you if you make it 😉


  2. TAX!!!!? TAX! good job they don’t use 6" nails some could get nailed lol,
    hope 2 attend friday weather and boddy permitting,
    th battle still goes on with tas PC know more wednesday  all good things
    come to those who wait, how long???? might have to get stroppy jump up and down
    a bit .
    c/ya fred


  3. I hope everyone has there relationship troubles sorted before this evening’s sortie so we can get into racing nice and EARLY!After all, we’re not running a councelling service up here, it’s all about the GAMES – lets play MORE ;)It will be an early night .. 12ish end, as I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and it just about met in the middle last night!See you tonight …. won’t we Rich! ???Cheers.


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