080808 – Game ON!!

With a number like 080808, how could it not be on? LET’S PLAY!!
Mal is not responding to pokes with a pointy stick  and may be out of action (the one wot Wood borrows).
He refused to fire up before I went overseas and I haven’t had a chance to look at him since.
Other spare SOFII capable PC’s are on hand for combat purposes, but none are V8SC2 ready.

Been tired and busy since my return … some would just call me slack though I’m sure.

Salamanca will follow proceedings for me, so it will be an earlyish finish.

See ya if your comin’, otherwise I guess I won’t!



5 responses to “080808 – Game ON!!

  1. Seems like I’m typing to myself …Mal .. confirmed dead .. corrupt HDD .. non-recoverable failure? RIP.I imagine Fred has a spare PC to lend Woody for the evening if racing is the game of choice?Trust all is well with one and all.Cheers.


  2. I will be a no show this week (DUH!) but should make it for the next one.
    I will dust my wheel and polish my knob(!) in anticipation!!
    Parts OUT.


  3. yea must av missed somthin glen wood????? ar well never mind
    i’m coming thou co thinks different , who wares th pants!!!!(her)
    some times!!!! she thinks but not much
    cya 2 morow out fred.


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