Ready … set …

EDGE is good for GO – THIS FRIDAY – 11th July.
The Edge has aquired 3 new (well, new to the Edge) SOFII capable PC’s this week – for the best price – FREE !!!
The kids school were tossing out some hardware last week, so I had a rummage and picked up two unknown Celron boxes and a P4 box.
Turns out the P4 is a tidy 2gig machine with 40g HDD and onboard graphics (no AGP sadly), a Celron 1gig, and the runt, a Celron 500.
All have XP pro installed, though the Admin accounts were password protected, It took me about 2 hours to get in 😉
I’ll likely use the C500 for spares or a Linux server perhaps.

Now to put myself down before Fred does …
I’m not a complete idiot …
there’s some bits missing!

See ya Friday!! Another earlish night as Salamanca will be infiltrated at dawn.

ADVANCE NOTICE: NEXT scheduled Fortnightly mission on 25/7 is highly likely to be CANCELLED due to special Agent training requirements in Sydney.
This mission MAY be rescheduled for an alternate week. Stay posted.


7 responses to “Ready … set …

  1. Due to one of the underlings having an early basketball game, Parts will be making a rare appearance this Friday.
    I am putting in an early request for equal racing/shooting time. I should be on the starting grid and ready to race by 1730 hours.
    See you Friday men.
    Parts Out.


  2. lol tone put you’r self down dont do it !!! SOME 1 ELSE WILL DO IT FOR U
    FREE . If u ask niecely i may be able 2 fill u in on th missing bits lol.
    hey parts 19.30 start sounds good mmmemeeemm could be 20.30 if you’r
    luckey , more like 21.00 + on th past 2 sessions lol.
    don’t know yet might have 2 go on recon mision 2 dung alley friday
    santa could be there !!! might give u a chance 2 get on th polodem
    and shoot th shit out of someone.
    congrats tone sounds like u had good pick up see u when ever
    F.R.e.d. shinking under presure from high comandher.


  3. And you thought my spelling was bad Parts!What the hell is mmmemeeemm? Never mind, my plan worked.By paying out on myself, Fred left me alone :)Well, I hacked into the C1g PC last night. BIOS was password protected … No jumpers on mobo to clear BIOS, so I removed the battery, put it back in & hey presto, I’m in! So much for password protection.Turns out this one has Windows ME installed .. still, it’s pretty quick and I had no trouble getting it onto the network so it’s staying as is. I added 2x 256m RAM I had lying around and "upgraded" the graphics card to a 64mb 4400FX and it runs SOFII with no trouble 🙂 That gives the EDGE 7 SOFII capable PC’s on hand – plenty for the next Borg/underling mission … whenever that may be! Possibly 8 – a full house – if the C500 comes to life. Now I just need some mice!


  4. No Fred? Racing will be nice and clean then – Collision on, Gloves OFF!!!
    Hmmmm, what IS mmmemeeemm (did I spell it right?!) I will be hosting races from 1930 sharp until 2130 (2 hours). Points will count from then on, if you’re not there you can’t earn points! Might start with a 10 lapper of Bathurst for the V8 tropy (probably be the only chance I’ll get to win it . . . 9 (icecream) cones for Tone for tea before we start!!!) After that, hopefully we can get in 2 hours of fragging mayhem. Witnessed an interesting map at the Enclave on Sunday that could be a goer – sniper heaven. We’ll see how we go.
    CU Friday men.
    Parts out.


  5. OK, seems as Parts has taken charge, he’s now officially promoted to temporary Commander for the night!You know what that means Rich? You’re taking the minutes too :)Congratulations!
    Boy Racers best arrive for an early start if the coveted perpetual trophy is all important to you.Bring it on!!!


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