080627 Mission Debriefing

Present: Fred, Woodie, RawT, Darklord, Tone.
Woodie made a special pre-game visit to Commander Mick Reliable’s Command Centre to encourage his participation. Mick stated he’d be up at 9, but … didn’t show.

V8 SUPERCARS – International, collision OFF
Practice while setup continues
Spa: F 1:57.03 T
8.30, racing begins after a  L O N G  setup …

Spa GP – F (robbed T) T 1:56.14D W R
Mondello – T 1:15.03 D F R W
Donnington GP – F 1:12.25 D T (close, but no cigar) R W
Brands Hatch GP – F T 1.03.08 (not quite close enough) D W R
Silverstone GP – D F 1:25.65 T R W
Motopark Olcherschleben – F 1:07.91 D T R W
Nurburg Ring short – F D 1:10.24 R T W
Hockenheim GP – F D 1:17.60 (very close! .07 sec) T R W
BREAK till 10pm
Zandvoort – F T R 1:16.80 D W
Laguna Seca GP – F 1:06.50 T D R W (retired)
RESULT: F 1902 D 1836 T 1830 R 1746


Barbagallo – T F 52.10
Oran Park Short – F 38.36 T

Bargagallo T 51.60 W D F R
Oran Park South – W T F 37.59 D R
RESULT: T W Draw on 53 F D draw 43 R 24

Did we have ANOTHER BREAK? I think so!

Vandenhoot – T 1:20.07 F R D W
Barbagallo – F T 42.81 (cut last corner!) D R W
Oran Park – F T R 49.96 D
Olton Int – F T D 1:16.96 R
Brands Hatch GP – F 1:04.76 T D R
RESULT: F 116 T 104 D 86 R 84

11pm – Agents begin packing up. Tone’s keen for a shooter but only Raw takes up the challenge … after ANOTHER BREAK …

Finca Housewarming – "around the pool"
Deathmatch with pickups
R 28 T 15

Mission Ends 12am.
A very social evening with lots of breaks, lots of talk, and not so much gaming, but fun none the less.

Fred had previously in the week, successfully installed DirectX 10 on his XP Box (apparently it’s not only for Vista!) and waxed lyrical about it’s visual improvements. Sounds like a worthwhile upgrade for all agents ..  so don’t be slack like me, get too it!

NOTE: 1 doz eggs for Woodie next week, paid for.


5 responses to “080627 Mission Debriefing

  1.  some verry good close racing looks like you’r all catching up !!! lol,
    maybe i am slowing down ?!!! congrats on th early post tone
    dx 10 definatly a good move , photos, movies, games ect all display
    a lot better .  rd grid demo report not good !! remind,s me of tocker 2
    desigend to run with 2 core prossor, very high g card .
    would be nice for Dark lord to run and file a report !!! as it would cost $$$$$
    to upgrade, or in most cases build a new pc !!!! .
    in th last 3 yrs prosessors have gone from 472 pin single to 900+
    duel core !!.  to keep up to the ever changing software ect one would
    be spending from $500 to $1500 or more per year !!!!!!!!
    ok enough ram b lin for now.
    F.R.E.D. (f rediclous electronic device).


  2. Well, I’ve had 4 years out of my current PC, with only one Graphics card upgrade … not bad I reckon! I’m still happy with my single core 3gig processor, it copes with everything I’ve thrown at it BUT … More importantly than proccessor changes  – Graphics slot has gone from AGP to PCI-E, pretty much forcing a complete system upgrade rather than just one component. Agent Parts has started putting his spare coppers in a tin, and I have started doing likewise, with the intention of having collected enough change for a new system early next year. Sounds familiar … I think I said that … LAST YEAR!! lol.
    Fred, did you have any trouble in the demo with the cars dying in third gear?From the reviews I’ve read, the impression is that grid is a bit more "arcady" than Racedriver too.


  3. Maybe if you gave up the fags, you could put the money saved into a tin!You could afford a new PC in WEEKS!!! 🙂


  4. i sugested tocker 2 th one before rd 2 if u can remember back that far !!!!!lol
    and yea u’r right give it up could build 2 machines per year !!! and have
    enough left over 2 buy th game lol
    C/YA fred


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