080613 Mission Debriefing …

Earlyish one again though – Salamanca calls, not that that counts for anything in some old men’s eyes.

My daughter and I were sitting in the study and I said to her,
‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug.’
So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine.

Anyway, on with the rundown ….
Present: D F N T W

DTM’s – Audi A4, Collision off, Racing start 2030 hrs
Hockenheim – D 1.15.68 T N
Spa – F 1:51.74 T D N dnf
Woodie arrives 2050hrs – break till 2115hrs, Restart round.

Hockenheim – F 1:15.11 D W T N flying behind.
Spa – F 1:52.15 D T W N
Motopark Oschersleben – D 1:05.55 F W T N
Norris Ring – D 41.62 F W T N
Nurburg Short – F 1:07.77 D W T N
Zandvoort  – F 1:14.10 D W T N
Hockenheim – F 1:15.00 D W T N

V8 SUPERCARS – Collision off
Adelaide – D 1:11.49 F W T N
Barbagallo – W 41.48 F T D N
Eastern Creek – D 1:08.18 T (blinded F?) W F N
Shanghi – D 1:41.93 F T W N
Surfers Paradise – D 1:26.73 W F T N
Philip Island – D 1:11.96 F W T N
Bathurst – D 1:42.29 (blinded F) F W T N
RESULTS: D 1326 F 1284 W 1272 T 1242 N 1176

Hockenheim – F W D 1:02.86 T N (NOT LAPPED!!)
Oulton Park – W F 1:22.87 D T N
Castle Coombe – F D 1:06.87 W T N
Barbagallo – D 55.14 W T F N
Sandown – W F 1:12.27 D T N
RESULT: W 106 F 102 D 98 T 74 N 60

Good to see Nadz participate in flying around the track for a change.
Not a shooter to be seen 😦


Cheers, Tone the slacker …. apparently Confused
I wish I were perfect like Fred.
 See ya Friday!!


3 responses to “080613 Mission Debriefing …

  1. great racing dark loard pat on th back !!! good 1 wood u r good !!! sob sob u beat me!!!
    wont be long nads will be beating th host !! where can we get him a dumey!!!!(th host
    of corse)  thks tone for th kind words, about time!!! c/ya friday. fred


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