Gentlemen, start your engines …

IT"S OUT!!! and on the shelves Tongue out

The much anticipated prequel to V8 Supercars 3,
Racedriver GRID has hit the stores!

EB games (seen it cheaper, we’l match it), has it for $79
but not to be beaten, JB Hi-Fi (Always Cheapest prices) has it for just $74!
I didn’t hike up to HN (we’ll beat it by 10%), but I’m SURE Fred could do better
with a bulk purchase using his proven and well honed negotiating powers 😉
Infact, playing those 3 slogans off, one of THEM should pay US to take it!!

BUT, as it only JUST runs on a Nvidia 6600 (min rec. spec. 6800) and most of us aren’t in a position to upgrade at present, it’s probably best to sit on our hands and resist temptation, with the hope that Satan Clause (or perhaps the seemingly flush Fred) might be generous to us later in the year 😉

I notice on the image above, "Requires Windows Vista*". Not sure, but I think the * would be for DirectX 10 features only, as the demo worked fine on XP.


2 responses to “Gentlemen, start your engines …

  1. ???? no coments on last mission slack.
    Well done d/lord v8 sc champ & wood support race winner good close racing
    about time !!!!  harvey norman rd grid $68 as normal no stock yet!  is in stock at
    camebridge lol.
    see/ya F.R.E.D


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