080530 Mission Debriefing


Almost a full complement!
A few wheel issues on setup,
racing commences 2057 hrs.

V8 SUBERCARS – 3 laps coll on
Adelaide:  F D 1:11.23 blocked T R C W (problems)
Pukekoe Park: F 45.62 R T tussling with D C W
Barbagallo:  T 41.62 gentle kiss F D R C
Eastern Creek:  F 1:07.99 R T C D
Shanghi:  T led from start W D 1:41.43 altercation with F R
Hidden Valley:  T 51.10 took lead last corner R D F W C
Queenland Raceway: W F R D T 52.85 robbed C
Oran Park: W F 50.65 R T D C
Sandown: D pipped F 54.72 W R T C
Bathurst: F 1.42.76 D R W T C
Surfers Paradise: D 1:26.81 T R F W C retired
Symonds Plains: T F 42.67 R W D C
Phillip Island: F 1:11.12 close D R W T C retired
RESULT: F 2412 T 2340 D 2344 R 2328 C 1650 W 1608 (- 4 races)

National Dirt Raceway 3: F W R T 35.73
National Dirt Raceway 4: T R W F 57.29 last lap
International Rallycross Short: W 50.01 F T R
International Rallycross Long: W 1:50.64 F T R
International Rallycross Medium: W 1:06.87 F T
C has left the building – 2300
Brands Hatch Rallycross: W 42.13 F T
RESULT: W 278 F 246  T 238

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE II –  Infiltration 
Rooftop/chappel: Red: T 15  R 14    Blue: D 20  W 10 Timelimit Hit

Finca Housewarming: D 30   R 29   T 23   W 19

Early evening, Mission Ends 020 hrs.

Fr!dAY thE TirtEeNtH !!!
Check comments for updates …>


11 responses to “080530 Mission Debriefing

  1. A failure of catostrphic propotions, Eddie caught a malicious virus yesterday after downloading and installing a new program.He was immediately unplugged from the network and quarantined :(It was a version of CoolWWWSearch .. very nasty!It disabled my task manager so I couldn’t get in there to see what it’s called,3 different spyware warnings keep popping up looking very much like official MS stuff,but they all lead to the same page selling antispyware stuff and it hacked the web browser, deleted my desktop pic – replaced it with a message and link to the same webpage AND disabled the TCP/IP stack.I found a recommended removal tool on TrendMicro’s site called cwshredder,it found 11 variants on my PC, but couldn’t detect the "master file" creating them,so they keep coming back within seconds  I just kept going round in circles … leading me to the silver circle of XP setup disk …a reformat and rebuild .. safest course of action as this thing’s really persistent!!!I now have a freshly built PC, ready to install games and apps on tonight.Hopefully I’ve not lost anything important and should be right for Friday’s frivolity.


  2. With no virus’ for over 3 years, would you believe ANOTHER trojan … and not the pony in the paddock!!This time a strain of the Virtumonde virus had me wasting an evening removing it.This site helped: http://www.tim.id.au/blog/2008/05/26/news-from-the-frontlines-the-new-virtumonde/I think it jumped onboard after I updated WinRar from a possibly dodgy download.It appears to have now been removed successfully after 3 scans, I’ll run another scan again tonight to confirm it’s gone.
    Some good news out of all this, V8 SC is running better than EVER!!LESSON: If it aint broke, don’t fix it!!


  3. Parts is pooped again. People away, people injured, workload increasing exponentially. 0530 start today and another on the cards tomorrow. Plus, trainee agent has collaborator over for bivouac tomorrow so I will be unable to attend festivities as pc will most likely be commandeered for Oblivion IV tuition.
    Have a good night and hopefully see you next time.
    Hopefully I’ll not have picked up the nickname "Commander Mick" by the time of my next appearance! lol
    Parts out.


  4. The wait is over ….I downloaded the DEMO version … days before Eddie crashed and burnt.Minimum specs suggest Nvidia 6800.Surprisingly, it ran reasonably well on my 6600!!

    A tip for Fred: type your text into notepad first, save it, then copy and paste. if the blog fails, as it has to me before too, you don’t have to retype it all! Microsoft also has a new "livewriter" program for blog writing which I’ve just started using, I’m not sure if it works for adding comments though, but you can pre-format your text in it.RAW, I use Symantic corporate, even after I knew I had both virus’ I scanned with it and it did NOT pick them up!
    Spybot did the trick though, but I still needed the removal tool to delete ALL of the second one.Parts: No worries mate, on yer bike!! I guess it’s … part and parcel of the job .. lol.Cheers!


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