080627 Mission Debriefing

Present: Fred, Woodie, RawT, Darklord, Tone.
Woodie made a special pre-game visit to Commander Mick Reliable’s Command Centre to encourage his participation. Mick stated he’d be up at 9, but … didn’t show.

V8 SUPERCARS – International, collision OFF
Practice while setup continues
Spa: F 1:57.03 T
8.30, racing begins after a  L O N G  setup …

Spa GP – F (robbed T) T 1:56.14D W R
Mondello – T 1:15.03 D F R W
Donnington GP – F 1:12.25 D T (close, but no cigar) R W
Brands Hatch GP – F T 1.03.08 (not quite close enough) D W R
Silverstone GP – D F 1:25.65 T R W
Motopark Olcherschleben – F 1:07.91 D T R W
Nurburg Ring short – F D 1:10.24 R T W
Hockenheim GP – F D 1:17.60 (very close! .07 sec) T R W
BREAK till 10pm
Zandvoort – F T R 1:16.80 D W
Laguna Seca GP – F 1:06.50 T D R W (retired)
RESULT: F 1902 D 1836 T 1830 R 1746


Barbagallo – T F 52.10
Oran Park Short – F 38.36 T

Bargagallo T 51.60 W D F R
Oran Park South – W T F 37.59 D R
RESULT: T W Draw on 53 F D draw 43 R 24

Did we have ANOTHER BREAK? I think so!

Vandenhoot – T 1:20.07 F R D W
Barbagallo – F T 42.81 (cut last corner!) D R W
Oran Park – F T R 49.96 D
Olton Int – F T D 1:16.96 R
Brands Hatch GP – F 1:04.76 T D R
RESULT: F 116 T 104 D 86 R 84

11pm – Agents begin packing up. Tone’s keen for a shooter but only Raw takes up the challenge … after ANOTHER BREAK …

Finca Housewarming – "around the pool"
Deathmatch with pickups
R 28 T 15

Mission Ends 12am.
A very social evening with lots of breaks, lots of talk, and not so much gaming, but fun none the less.

Fred had previously in the week, successfully installed DirectX 10 on his XP Box (apparently it’s not only for Vista!) and waxed lyrical about it’s visual improvements. Sounds like a worthwhile upgrade for all agents ..  so don’t be slack like me, get too it!

NOTE: 1 doz eggs for Woodie next week, paid for.

080613 Mission Debriefing …

Earlyish one again though – Salamanca calls, not that that counts for anything in some old men’s eyes.

My daughter and I were sitting in the study and I said to her,
‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle to keep me alive. That would be no quality of life at all, If that ever happens, just pull the plug.’
So she got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine.

Anyway, on with the rundown ….
Present: D F N T W

DTM’s – Audi A4, Collision off, Racing start 2030 hrs
Hockenheim – D 1.15.68 T N
Spa – F 1:51.74 T D N dnf
Woodie arrives 2050hrs – break till 2115hrs, Restart round.

Hockenheim – F 1:15.11 D W T N flying behind.
Spa – F 1:52.15 D T W N
Motopark Oschersleben – D 1:05.55 F W T N
Norris Ring – D 41.62 F W T N
Nurburg Short – F 1:07.77 D W T N
Zandvoort  – F 1:14.10 D W T N
Hockenheim – F 1:15.00 D W T N

V8 SUPERCARS – Collision off
Adelaide – D 1:11.49 F W T N
Barbagallo – W 41.48 F T D N
Eastern Creek – D 1:08.18 T (blinded F?) W F N
Shanghi – D 1:41.93 F T W N
Surfers Paradise – D 1:26.73 W F T N
Philip Island – D 1:11.96 F W T N
Bathurst – D 1:42.29 (blinded F) F W T N
RESULTS: D 1326 F 1284 W 1272 T 1242 N 1176

Hockenheim – F W D 1:02.86 T N (NOT LAPPED!!)
Oulton Park – W F 1:22.87 D T N
Castle Coombe – F D 1:06.87 W T N
Barbagallo – D 55.14 W T F N
Sandown – W F 1:12.27 D T N
RESULT: W 106 F 102 D 98 T 74 N 60

Good to see Nadz participate in flying around the track for a change.
Not a shooter to be seen 😦


Cheers, Tone the slacker …. apparently Confused
I wish I were perfect like Fred.
 See ya Friday!!

Gentlemen, start your engines …

IT"S OUT!!! and on the shelves Tongue out

The much anticipated prequel to V8 Supercars 3,
Racedriver GRID has hit the stores!

EB games (seen it cheaper, we’l match it), has it for $79
but not to be beaten, JB Hi-Fi (Always Cheapest prices) has it for just $74!
I didn’t hike up to HN (we’ll beat it by 10%), but I’m SURE Fred could do better
with a bulk purchase using his proven and well honed negotiating powers 😉
Infact, playing those 3 slogans off, one of THEM should pay US to take it!!

BUT, as it only JUST runs on a Nvidia 6600 (min rec. spec. 6800) and most of us aren’t in a position to upgrade at present, it’s probably best to sit on our hands and resist temptation, with the hope that Satan Clause (or perhaps the seemingly flush Fred) might be generous to us later in the year 😉

I notice on the image above, "Requires Windows Vista*". Not sure, but I think the * would be for DirectX 10 features only, as the demo worked fine on XP.

080530 Mission Debriefing


Almost a full complement!
A few wheel issues on setup,
racing commences 2057 hrs.

V8 SUBERCARS – 3 laps coll on
Adelaide:  F D 1:11.23 blocked T R C W (problems)
Pukekoe Park: F 45.62 R T tussling with D C W
Barbagallo:  T 41.62 gentle kiss F D R C
Eastern Creek:  F 1:07.99 R T C D
Shanghi:  T led from start W D 1:41.43 altercation with F R
Hidden Valley:  T 51.10 took lead last corner R D F W C
Queenland Raceway: W F R D T 52.85 robbed C
Oran Park: W F 50.65 R T D C
Sandown: D pipped F 54.72 W R T C
Bathurst: F 1.42.76 D R W T C
Surfers Paradise: D 1:26.81 T R F W C retired
Symonds Plains: T F 42.67 R W D C
Phillip Island: F 1:11.12 close D R W T C retired
RESULT: F 2412 T 2340 D 2344 R 2328 C 1650 W 1608 (- 4 races)

National Dirt Raceway 3: F W R T 35.73
National Dirt Raceway 4: T R W F 57.29 last lap
International Rallycross Short: W 50.01 F T R
International Rallycross Long: W 1:50.64 F T R
International Rallycross Medium: W 1:06.87 F T
C has left the building – 2300
Brands Hatch Rallycross: W 42.13 F T
RESULT: W 278 F 246  T 238

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE II –  Infiltration 
Rooftop/chappel: Red: T 15  R 14    Blue: D 20  W 10 Timelimit Hit

Finca Housewarming: D 30   R 29   T 23   W 19

Early evening, Mission Ends 020 hrs.

Fr!dAY thE TirtEeNtH !!!
Check comments for updates …>