080530 Status, 080516 Debriefing

Upcoming FRI MISSION STATUS: Green for GO!
So who’s in?

Previous Debriefing:

Present: Agents N, C, P, F, T.

1960’s GT Cup, Corvette Sunrays  – Coll on
Laguna Seca: F T P
Nashville Super Speedway: T 28.49 (slipstream comeback from last) P F
Motopark Oschersleben: F 1:18.09 P T
Castle Combe: F 57.94 T P
Bathurst: F 1:55.20 (blocking down strait) T P

Spa Franscorpchamp: F P 1:57.82 T
Brands Hatch: P F 1:04.52 T
Silverstone: F 1:26.51 T P
Motopark Oschersleben: F 1:07.63 P T
Hockenheim: F 1:18.24 P T
Zandvoort: F 1:16.44 P T (very inconsistent)
Laguna Seca: P F 1:07.57 T

Lugana Seca:

V6 EUROPEAN CLIO CUP – 10 laps comp. pitstop
Surfers paradise: F 1:52.47 T P
Barbagallo short: F 39.26 T P
F P 38.95 T

National Speedway: P 21.14 F T

Bathurst: F 1:42.14 T P (waited for T)
Oulton Park: F 54 T P
F 54.53 P T

Looks to me like Fred kicked our collective butts during the rather extended tarmac portion of the evening.
Nads was keeping Tone’s amber supplies topped up whilst updating his PC over the evening.
This resulted in a "social experiment", to see if Tone’s driving would improve, with one had on the wheel and a swig of beer with the other entering each corner.
Surprisingly it seemed to work for a couple of races, then the affects of alcohol started to show with tragic consequenses. It would appear consistency in staying ON the track is the main skill required, and drink driving is bad. Mm Kay?

Coalmine Deathmatch: P 17 T 14
Coalmine Deathmatch: T P 12 all draw
Coalmine Deathmatch: T 18 P 11

2am mission ends.


8 responses to “080530 Status, 080516 Debriefing

  1. A good nights’ entertainment Tone. Nads needs to get his machine working at full capacity so he can join in more often instead of working the bar all evening.
    Put me down as a "tentative" again. CO is working till 1700 so I’ll be late AGAIN, IF I get a ticket of leave. I will also be under pressure from the underling to allow him to tag along but I’ll try to waylay him with smoke and mirrors – more of the mirrors and much less of the smoke!
    Hope a good crew (including myself) is in attendance this week. Not saying that last week’s crew was shit, but you know what I mean 😉


  2. NOTICE:  it will be an earlyish (12ish) finish this week, commitments in the early morning.What’s wrong with you Raw? Text size has been approved by Fred!!! ;)Parts, your missus told me you always have a ticket of leave to attend Fridays :)You can lock the boy in the car if you have to bring him 😉


  3. ya gota keep your had’s (as ya put it) on th wheel !!!! fool and i was"nt blocking just driving the race line !!!!!!! KEEP OFF TH GRASS STAYING ON TH TRACK HELPS1!!!!!!!!!!
    keep that dirty rotten flasher (nads) under controle he could blind someone!!!!!!
    lol.  moan/moan as u say. good racing parts !!
    c/ya friday unless something pops up.
    C/YA F.R.E.D.


  4. I have a surprise for Nadz, but what follows isn’t it.The EDGE, after a wait of many years, now has a functioning SERVER!!OK, You can stand back up again now.Between the two Digital Prioris servers aquired several years ago at auction, the small one’s been raped, and the big one’s been dusted off, speced up and resurrected, currently running Win2000 for testing.The dual Pentium 200 powerhouse processors are once again crunching numbers!
    The aim: try to reduce the ping rate for improved online gaming.


  5. Parts is bailing. 0500 starts have taken their toll so I’m staying home in front of the heater with a red wine and going to bed early.
    Sorry guys I was looking forward to it but I’m just pooped. Being a postie is hard work. Have a good night & I’ll see you next month.
    Parts out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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