080516 Status, 080502 Debriefing



Present: Agents D R W T Commander Mick.
A good turnout considering no one was expected.
Later joined by Commander Mick, who proceeded to install shoot’em ups in preparation for a future mission.

V8 SUPERCARS – Coll on
 Barbagallo: T 1:41.84 D R W
Eastern Creek: D 1:07.81 T R W
Oran Park: T D 51.13 R W
Symonds Plains: R 42.47 T D W

Shanghi R D 1:42.55 T W
Adelaide D R 1:12.21 W T
PhiD 1:12.14 W
Surfers D 1:26 31 R T W
 RESULT: D 750 T 558 W 534

SOF II gold
House Warming D 39 W 35 R 25 T 13

No further minutes taken.


6 responses to “080516 Status, 080502 Debriefing

  1. Good news, no potholes this week!The road has been graded, so it’s just muddy and slippery instead.Might dry out by Friday.


  2. mmaabbee !! canot play shootems sholder fu would it be posible to have
    some v8 races ? i drive 1 handed will come up for a while , got some dirty bones ! not for u , for storm  good soup bones thou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU could cook em up and serve em up to th troups they would fight well
    on them!.
    c/ya F.R.E.D.


  3. We usually do race if you come up Fred. We usually end up racing all night  – once we get into it ;)Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth you travelling all that way.
    Likely switch to Shootems around 10.30-11 if you come up, otherwise shootems may happen earlier – depends on consensis.We can’t please everyone all the time, but I try to please most people for most of the time – i’t s called compromise and flexibility.
    Other wise I’d just be saying – COD2 all night, if you haven’t got it or don’t want to play it, then don’t come up.
    But that would be wrong. We usually go the games the majority want to play, or pick those which are limited by the attending slowest proccessing power’s capabilities – thus SOF2 usually get’s precedence over COD2, even though I prefer COD.It would just be unfair to have someone penalised by a struggling system, and not much fun for them.
    Speaking of shootems, it’s been AGES since we’ve played Batttlefield2, mainly due to PC limits mentoned.Maybe it will get a look in tonight, or maybe not – we’ll wait and see what everyone reckons.
    And your welcome to bring your bones along if you want to pick them with me or the dog ;)I reckon she’d enjoy it more than me though :)Cheers.


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