Mission Status – ACHTUNG!


Friday 18/04 – Suggested mission  – NO GO .. mission aborted.
Friday 25/04 – Shedueled mission – NO GO .. Anzac day/long weekend.
Friday 02/05 – NEXT MISSION – GOOD FOR GO .. in sync with Woodie.

Thanks for the post Cmdr, Nads and Parts are unable to attend this week,
Woodie was willing, but his PC isn’t, after discussion we decided to give it a miss.
No further responses received.

Email update dispatched.

Have a good break 🙂


8 responses to “Mission Status – ACHTUNG!

  1. We ARE good to GO – this Friday!!3 agents confirmed to date – thank you 🙂 – Oh, 4 counting myself .. or will that be 3.5? I hope not 😉
    Intensions: rock up 7.30, KO 8pm – race till approx 10.30, Shoot’ems to follow.So, grab your gear and git up here!!!


  2. So … Fred’s not coming and Nadz has transmitted his no-go status.Thanks for the heads up guys :)Parts indicated earlier his intention of non-attendance due to work commitments,all indication are the status quo remains.Looks like a potential shoot’em evening with Wood, Raw, and Tone as definites, and the possibility of Darklord and Canon who’s status’ remains unknown and maybe Commander … let’s see if he can boost that reliability rating ;)Bring on the fire-power!!


  3. Busy packing GB this week as surprise orders have flooded in!!Blog will … well, OK, might be updated sometime this week … oh, it’s Friday already!
    OK, blog might be updated next week perhaps.
    I’ve also been busy deleting partitions, reformatting HDD’s and transferring data to make more space available for Edge Recieved files as it’s been full to capacity for some time. Now there’s another 100+G to fill 🙂 Should also improve transer rates as it’s now on a seperate HDD instead of a partition on the OS HDD.I’ve moved the ADSL modem in order to shorten the Telco cable in the hope of improving ping rates for game response.
    Minimal improvement has been noted, likely due to the 3.5km distance from the exchange … 10m aint gonna make that much difference it seems. Also dusted out the old Prioris server in the hope of cracking the Mylex controller setup. Still more work to do there. Other than that brief update, see you next week … if your up 🙂


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