080411 Mission Debriefing

Present: Agents Tone, Fred, Canon, Nads & Darklord.
A good turnout considering no one was expected.
Later joined by Commander Mick, who proceeded to install shoot’em ups in preparation for a future mission.

A bit of a late start with the racing after some extended socialization.
Because Fred was up, we stuck to racing all night which was a bit of a shame but enjoyable none the less. Tone was in the mood to hit the turps, resulting in a lackluster performance from him both in and out of the virtual realm.

Darklord, Nads and Canon departed around 11pm – early starts – just as the shoot’ems were about to be fired up, so Fred and Tone raced on a little longer.
Fred left about 12am
after winning another championship – Global GT lites?.

         NEXT MISSION NOTICE:                     
 Because of our recent Easter break, our fortnightly foray’s are now out of kilter with Woody,
         It’s anticipated that the next mission will be held             
 THIS Friday 18/4 – SUBJECT TO INTEREST – POST ON THE BLOG or email Tone!!!!
 If there is little response, the next mission will be a fortnight after that: 2/5 !!!!!!!
 CHECK BLOG FOR DETAILS – you may also be emailed/txted to confirm.    

V8 SUPERCARS – Coll on
Adelaide: F T 1:12.49 D C
Pukekhoe: F 46.01 T D C
Barbagallo: F T 41.58 (upset D on 1st corner) D C
Eastern Creek: F T 1:08.32 D(Close but fair tussle with T) C
F D 1:42.80 T N
Hidden Valley F 51.51 D T N
Queensland Raceway D 53.63 T F N
Oran Park: T F 50.15 D N
Symonds Plains: T F D 55.98 N
Bathurst: F 1:44.36 D T (pitted M arrived) C
Surfers Paradise: F D T 1:25.99 N
Symonds Plains: T F 42.95 D N
Phillip Island: F 1:11.41 D T N (not far behind!)
RESULTS: F 2466 T 2406 C 1392 D (result missed)

Donnington: F 1:10.83T
Surfers Paradise: F 1:29.43 T
Laguna Seca
RESULT: F 63 T 54


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