Mission Status – ACHTUNG!


Friday 18/04 – Suggested mission  – NO GO .. mission aborted.
Friday 25/04 – Shedueled mission – NO GO .. Anzac day/long weekend.
Friday 02/05 – NEXT MISSION – GOOD FOR GO .. in sync with Woodie.

Thanks for the post Cmdr, Nads and Parts are unable to attend this week,
Woodie was willing, but his PC isn’t, after discussion we decided to give it a miss.
No further responses received.

Email update dispatched.

Have a good break 🙂

080411 Mission Debriefing

Present: Agents Tone, Fred, Canon, Nads & Darklord.
A good turnout considering no one was expected.
Later joined by Commander Mick, who proceeded to install shoot’em ups in preparation for a future mission.

A bit of a late start with the racing after some extended socialization.
Because Fred was up, we stuck to racing all night which was a bit of a shame but enjoyable none the less. Tone was in the mood to hit the turps, resulting in a lackluster performance from him both in and out of the virtual realm.

Darklord, Nads and Canon departed around 11pm – early starts – just as the shoot’ems were about to be fired up, so Fred and Tone raced on a little longer.
Fred left about 12am
after winning another championship – Global GT lites?.

         NEXT MISSION NOTICE:                     
 Because of our recent Easter break, our fortnightly foray’s are now out of kilter with Woody,
         It’s anticipated that the next mission will be held             
 THIS Friday 18/4 – SUBJECT TO INTEREST – POST ON THE BLOG or email Tone!!!!
 If there is little response, the next mission will be a fortnight after that: 2/5 !!!!!!!
 CHECK BLOG FOR DETAILS – you may also be emailed/txted to confirm.    

V8 SUPERCARS – Coll on
Adelaide: F T 1:12.49 D C
Pukekhoe: F 46.01 T D C
Barbagallo: F T 41.58 (upset D on 1st corner) D C
Eastern Creek: F T 1:08.32 D(Close but fair tussle with T) C
F D 1:42.80 T N
Hidden Valley F 51.51 D T N
Queensland Raceway D 53.63 T F N
Oran Park: T F 50.15 D N
Symonds Plains: T F D 55.98 N
Bathurst: F 1:44.36 D T (pitted M arrived) C
Surfers Paradise: F D T 1:25.99 N
Symonds Plains: T F 42.95 D N
Phillip Island: F 1:11.41 D T N (not far behind!)
RESULTS: F 2466 T 2406 C 1392 D (result missed)

Donnington: F 1:10.83T
Surfers Paradise: F 1:29.43 T
Laguna Seca
RESULT: F 63 T 54