Not so Good Friday …

ACHTUNG: As the next mission is due to fall on Good Friday,
it will be POSTPONED until the following week. Therefore


5 responses to “Not so Good Friday …

  1. Get the seat box out, next Friday Ill be bringing my new mobile gaming weapon up…
    ur daddy is back….


  2. Parts should be up for pikelets and gingerbread offcuts.
    Looking forward to a big turnout this week men.
    Tone and I downloaded a very cool CODII map the other week – definitely worth a look if we can find someone to successfully host!
    Also a cool SOFII map for the "guns" amongst us. A shoot’em equivalent of a "caged WWE match". 3 of us found it "kill heaven" – with 6 agents locked and loaded it should be frantic.
    Hope you’ve all had a good Easter break and are ready for some fragging action.


  3. well i am not sure if i should front up to a person who has broken fingers
    phones that onley recive incoming calls and no replyes !!! whitch cost me a local call every time !!!!! can drive past th front door and  not stop off to say g/day and pick up some fish offered some 3 months ago crays included !!!!. could be up friday night!  no fish deliveries i dont deliver
    i catch , clean , pack , and freez th rest is up 2 u !!!.
    thank tash for th easter presents . just munchin on ginger bunny
    thanks !!  awr stuf it C/YA tomrow hope v8sc is on th menu u should be abel 2 beat me had no pratcice since last time we raced!! polish your helmets girls and smile as i go past u go past ???  c u F.R.E.D 


  4. Sounds like I’d best pull out the swear jar, get my ear muffs ready, and tell the missus to pack the kids off and head to her mum’s for the evening! Looks like Fred will be in fine form from that post!  And Mick .. yr definitely not my Daddy … you don’t grumble nearly enough 😉 But I bet there’ll be some grumbling tonight though about which mode/collision/damage setups we race … IF we race. Seems to me from the outset that shoot’ems would be far more appropriate!!


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