Mission Debriefing 080328

Present: Agents Nadz, RawT, Canon, Private Parts, Fred, Toon
Apologies presumably from Commander Mick Reliable.

70’s GT CUP – Collision on
Hockenheim: P R F (Pentalty) T
(Disqualified, was 1st)
Bahrain: R  F 1:05.93 T (Penalty, was 1st) P

Hockenheim F 1:10.29 T R P
Bahrain: F 1:05.39 R P T C
Eastern Creek Int: T R F 1:12.19 P C
Spa: F 2.02.79 P R T C
Brands Hatch: GP: T F 1:08.01 P R C
RESULTS: F 37 T 30 R 23 P 20 C 6
(late starter)

Hockenheim: T F R 1:09.10 P C
Mondello Int: T F P R 1:18.49 C
Snetterton: F R P T 55.38
Lugana Seca: T 1:10.09 F R P
Castle Combe: F T 51.25 R P
Silverstone Int: T 1:05.79 F P R
RESULTS: T 132 F 128 R 106 P 102

JAPANESE WORKS CUP – Honda NSX or Fairlady Z
( PC trouble)
Barbagallo P R T 52.13 (overshot last corner) F
(retired PC woes)
P 1:29.54 T    F
Motopark Olshershleben: P 1:24.84 R F T
  (unstuck last corner, was 2nd)
RESULTS P 67 R 65 T 52 F 12
(PC trouble)

Waterfall map R 37 C 15 T 8 (started late!) P 5
   T 10kills/6deaths R 10/11 P 6/11

Swapped games cause Tone was winning …

MDK SQUARE R 40 P 33 T 26
   R 40 p14 T 13
   R 40 P15 T14

A good night spent driving some different vehicles for a change and the driving was pretty fair with only a few minor incidents. Everyone behaved themselves for a fun evening. Some minor issues with Fred’s PC spoilt one round for him, and we were unable to resolve an issue with Nadz access to browse the network.

Mission Ends about 0130.

For agents who partake in online gaming, I’ve been having some difficulty joining games lately and found a tool for updating Punkbuster files manually:


Applies to COD2, SOF2, BF2 and other games.

Official EDGE Photographer appointed!

Over the last few missions, Nadz has displayed an aptitude for eagerness and initiative in the capture of images from the EDGE. Because of his keen eye for detail, remarkable composition and skillful use of available light, he has now been rewarded with the promotion to official EDGE photographer. The image above displaying just part of his talents, has now been converted into Edge’s new avatar.
Congratulations Nadz.


080307 Brief Mission Debriefing

A small discrete band of insurgents comprising Raw, Canon and Tone assembled at the Edge Headquarters for what became, Mission COD2. Though numbers were down, the kill rate was high as we tackled some different maps including the beach at Omaha and the Mine. Raw stayed on until late, revelling in his night of freedom and pounding Tone with a barrage of fire from all sides, to be met with many a feeble attempt by tone to keep him at bay. At one stage, Raw began taking quite a battering from the perhaps over exuberant Tone, but then managed to regroup, pull himself together and put the wayward Toontown cowboy back in his place.

An engaging evening of banter and bullets. Thanks fellas!