080222 Mission Debriefing

PRESENT: Darklord, Woodie, Raw, Parts, Tone

V6 Clio European Champoionship
– Coll on, Dam off
Hockenhiem Short: T 1:05.30 P R
Brands Hatch Short: R 45.83 P T
Oulton Park: P T 1:24.18 R

Hockenhiem Short: P 1:04.71 R W T
Brands Hatch Short: W 46.51 R P T
Oulton Park: R P W T 1:23.57
Eastern Creek Short: T P R 1:03.75 (Corner cutting suspected)
Castle Coombe: T  1:07.22 (Kept his frock on) R W P
Barbagallo Raceway: W 55.57 R P T (Very Close)
Sandown Raceway: P 1.13.52 R W T
Siverstone International: R W P 1:24.10 T
RESULT: R 162 W 160 P 154 T 132
Raw: "Competition wasn’t rated highly"

1960’s GT Corvette Stingray
Bathurst: R W T 1:54.83 P
Sandown international: T R P 22.27 D
Nashville Rd Course P 54.83 D T R (unsheduled pitstop)
RESULT: R 19 T 18 P 17 D 15

70’s GT Cup Beta Montecarlo’s
Motopark Olshershlebenineninhan: D P T 1:18.80 (trouble in’t padock)
Sandvort P 1:22.63 R T

Baja Buggies Series Shortened
W 1:08.51 T R P
National Dirt Racewway 5: T 11.23.78 (may have given R a tap) R P W

Soldier of Fortune II
Finca Housewarming: R 40 D 39 W 30 T 17 P 16
Hostpital Infiltration: D & W   Vs   R, P & T … we lost I think?

Parts and Tone rounded off the evening playing COD2 until the wee hours of a quarter to two.

A good night, thanks fella’s!


One response to “080222 Mission Debriefing

  1. And the support trophy goes to?  that’s right MEEEEEEEEE 🙂
    The competition was good I only won by 2 points afterall 🙂


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