080208 + upcoming

Get ready to RuMbLe this FRIDAY !!! (22/8)
7.30 KO, Cancel your dates.
Much anticipated special appearance by PRIVATE PARTS!  Party
Wear your best frocks.

080208 Mission Debriefing ..
PRESENT: Nadz, Raw, Canon & Tone

Carentan: R 50 16 T 22 C N
Carentan: R 32 T 15 C 12 N 4

Early night for the ladies, 9.30 !!

Action in the Enclave ..   *Pic compliments of Nadz.



5 responses to “080208 + upcoming

  1. g`day,unfort i wont b able 2 make it this time,as i will b at a A-F-S camp
                         cheers     NADZ


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