080702 Mission Status

Mission is GO for Friday 07 02 08

Because I’m slack, there’s no full update of the last mission.

Raw, Fred and Tone were present.
We Raced V8 Internationas series,
then Global Light GT’s

Fred won both trophies!

Raw and I had a bit of a shootem.

Early night – good night 🙂



One response to “080702 Mission Status

  1. A few minor alterations in the enclave yesterday, a new switched powerboad installed between stations 1 & 2 and relocation of a switched powerboard between stations 5 & 6 should make it easier to plug in those periferals. I’ve also relocated an unswitched board between 3 & 4, this will be upgraded after a new system is constructed later in the year. The larger LCD clock is now mounted on the end wall, and the smaller clock has been moved into the Rec room.
    Neighbourhood kids have been making the most of the enclave, taking up the challenge in SOFII. I jumped in with them for one map and they’re getting pretty good! It’s anticipated a gaming day for the kiddies will be held on, likely on a Saturday. For those who would like to bring their offspring, please let me know when would be most convenient.


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