080222 Mission Debriefing

PRESENT: Darklord, Woodie, Raw, Parts, Tone

V6 Clio European Champoionship
– Coll on, Dam off
Hockenhiem Short: T 1:05.30 P R
Brands Hatch Short: R 45.83 P T
Oulton Park: P T 1:24.18 R

Hockenhiem Short: P 1:04.71 R W T
Brands Hatch Short: W 46.51 R P T
Oulton Park: R P W T 1:23.57
Eastern Creek Short: T P R 1:03.75 (Corner cutting suspected)
Castle Coombe: T  1:07.22 (Kept his frock on) R W P
Barbagallo Raceway: W 55.57 R P T (Very Close)
Sandown Raceway: P 1.13.52 R W T
Siverstone International: R W P 1:24.10 T
RESULT: R 162 W 160 P 154 T 132
Raw: "Competition wasn’t rated highly"

1960’s GT Corvette Stingray
Bathurst: R W T 1:54.83 P
Sandown international: T R P 22.27 D
Nashville Rd Course P 54.83 D T R (unsheduled pitstop)
RESULT: R 19 T 18 P 17 D 15

70’s GT Cup Beta Montecarlo’s
Motopark Olshershlebenineninhan: D P T 1:18.80 (trouble in’t padock)
Sandvort P 1:22.63 R T

Baja Buggies Series Shortened
W 1:08.51 T R P
National Dirt Racewway 5: T 11.23.78 (may have given R a tap) R P W

Soldier of Fortune II
Finca Housewarming: R 40 D 39 W 30 T 17 P 16
Hostpital Infiltration: D & W   Vs   R, P & T … we lost I think?

Parts and Tone rounded off the evening playing COD2 until the wee hours of a quarter to two.

A good night, thanks fella’s!

080208 + upcoming

Get ready to RuMbLe this FRIDAY !!! (22/8)
7.30 KO, Cancel your dates.
Much anticipated special appearance by PRIVATE PARTS!  Party
Wear your best frocks.

080208 Mission Debriefing ..
PRESENT: Nadz, Raw, Canon & Tone

Carentan: R 50 16 T 22 C N
Carentan: R 32 T 15 C 12 N 4

Early night for the ladies, 9.30 !!

Action in the Enclave ..   *Pic compliments of Nadz.


080702 Mission Status

Mission is GO for Friday 07 02 08

Because I’m slack, there’s no full update of the last mission.

Raw, Fred and Tone were present.
We Raced V8 Internationas series,
then Global Light GT’s

Fred won both trophies!

Raw and I had a bit of a shootem.

Early night – good night 🙂