080125 NOTICE

Usual drill, KO from 7.30pm.
SWMBO returned from a covert overseas mission last night, flying in under the cover of darkness.
Whilst she was away, Tone did play. And play some more! Not a night went by that I didn’t see 1am.
CrYsis was the game of choice, and dispite a below spec graphics card (128mb 6600GT) gameplay is quite acceptable, infact, better than results from the recently acquired SOFIII and GRII shoot’ems. I’ve been locked into single player combat with the mantra,  "Just gotta get thru this bit", and have yet to try multiplayer mode.
I had two valley boys around one evening, playing SOFII with me and the girls till 9.30, when I thought I’d best send them home, as it was dark.
So, ya coming? Huh, huh, are ya?

080111 Mission Debriefing

"Operation Overlord" First mission for 2008.
Present: Parts Darklord Nads & Tone   2000 hrs 

V8 Supercars International Series – Collision ON Damage OFF
Spa – Qualify T 1:57.32
     T 1:59.00 P 2:0014 N
Donnington GP – Qualify P 1:15.02
     D P 1:14 22 [helped by T]  N T [Disqualified x2 shunting Parts]
 Laguna Seca  – Qualify D 1:08.48
     D 1:06.85 T P N
RESULT: P 552 N 534 D 384 T 378

V8 Supercars
Adelaide – T D 1:11.45 [span first lap] P N
Eastern Creek – D 1:07.63 T P N
Hidden Valley – D T 1:51.P N
Surfers Paradise – D P 1:26.13 T N
Symonds Plains – P D T 42.36 N
RESULT: D 948 T 924 P 918 N 870

2200 Soldier of Fortune II
Rooftop – Church: Capture the Bag T 27   D 22  P  N
Raven Office: Free for all D 40 P 28 T 24 N 4
Around the Pool: Free for all D 26 P 16 T 15

Mission Ends 0000 hrs

A trouble free fun quiet night.