Due to agent commitments over the following busy weeks,
no more misssions will be held until 2008!!  Sad

EDGE personnel wish to extend seasons greetings in a non-secular manner and wish all Agents a safe, happy and prosperous New Year, no matter what your religious delusion or lack there of.
As I’d hate to give Fred any more reason to complain before the festive season begins – though it seems to fullfill his life – the last mission debriefing follows:

PRESENT: Darklord, Woodie, Raw – who provided aa wonderful spread of cakes, & Tone.

MIA: Fred – fishing, Parts – said he’d be up, missus said he wouldn’t. He wasn’t. Canon – partners Christmas fuction. Nads – ouch! sooner him than me 😉

As Tone finished his deliciously tender BBQ’d Steak in the company of Agent Storm, the gaming company began to arrive.
It was unanomously decided to abandon virtual racing for the evening and try out some recently acquired battlegrounds.

New game locked and loaded for trial, Soldier of Fortune 3 – "Payback".
Unfortunately minimum specs don’t extend to Woodies 5200 and the game would only just run on Tone (6600) and Raw’s aging rigs with struggling framerates. A bit of a look revealed some nicely detailed maps, inner gibblets and fine particle splatter on projectile impact. A promising shootem in a few years, when we might all have budgets for capable PC’s.

This was followed by a demonstration on Darklord’s finely crafted hardware of
Supreme Commander, complete with Napalm bombing runs and enough Nukes to destroy a small blue/green planet!

Next up was Ghost Recon "Advanced Warfighter" 2.
Many a deathmatch on various maps with Darklord keeping us in our place – dead on the ground and respawning – using his fast reflexes and faster framerate.

Overall, a relaxed evening with plenty of breaks and fun to finish off the year.

Next mission – next year – to be advised.
Due to popular demand, a junior evening will be held during the upcomming school holidays.
Please post your preferred/avaialbe dates for this special event!

ADVANCED NOTICE: Agents are advised that due to prior commitment, no mission will be held between 28 Jan – 2 Feb, 2008.

FINALLY: to all the folk who journeyed to the EDGE in 2007, thanks for all the fun! Cheers!!  Party


2 responses to “071214 MISSION DEBRIEFING

  1. A very well written briefing Tone. It was a fun night for sure and upgrades are a must for these new gen games.But I think it will be worth the $ looking at sof3.Thanks to Tone and SWMBO for the 6 month supply of ginger bread offcuts 🙂
    Looking forward to next year’s missions. Take it easy guys and merry christmas to all.


  2. So that was Christmas …
    Thanks Raw, it’s always a pleasure hosting evenings for folk as appreciative as your kind self.
    Unfortunately there will be no gaming this week. The next mission will be advised shortly after conferring with SWMBO.


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