It’s on this Friday – 14th Dec!

Good previous mission, close racing and a new shootem!
Results follow:

Present: N C D T

V8 Supercars – damage on, coll. off
Adelaide D 1:13.84 T C
Eastern Creek T D 1:08.88 C close race
Shanghi GP D T 1:41.80 C
T 55.58 D C not far behind
Surfers Paradise D 1:28.83 T distracted by phone C retired
Phillip Island T 1:11.78 D C retired
Looks like a draw?

Monster Truck series
National Dirt D T N
National Dirt Raceway 3 D 28.92 T 28.98 N
Nat Dirt 5 what a workout! D 1:15.30 T N
Darklord Tone and Nads

Ghost Recon 2
D 5 k 1d T 2k 4d C 0k 2d

Mission ends 12.45


2 responses to “071130

  1. looks like u havent learnt 2 keep score yet one day u will
    must be hard to be so perfect 1!!!!!!!!!
    must say sorry carn’t make it , may th best player win !!!
    going fishing tomrow while th weather is good th fish i had for u has gone off u could have picked it up when u droped mum off th other night but as usual u were in a hurray .
    c/ya team f.r.e.d. queer er mean clear out 


  2. LATE NOTICE:EARLY START WITH BYO BBQ THIS FRIDAY!!!!Turn up from 6.30 if you wish to feast at the Pharsyde for end of year festivities.To "Negative Nancy", formally known as Fred:
    Sorry I’m not as perfect as you, I must be such a dissapointment for 40 years now. Thanks for reminding me again how hopeless I am. No wonder I feel so good about myself.   Maybe you’d like to keep score from now on? If not, then enough of the winging already!!  If you were after a bite, you got one.   ..|.,


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